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Miasmic Astral


A cosmic cloud of gas and dust floating in space and surrounding the famed opal portal. It is thought that its outer layers were formed when an unusually large probability portal opened into space, producing a faintly glowing nebula from the material expelled from Manidweepa.


A hyperlane assumedly constructed from a previous hyperintelligent species (thought to be the greshca for lack of other possibilities) that manipulates the curvature of space.   It is so that the fabric of spacetime is permanently altered into a milky tube from where any object traveling through it travels in a bubble with a lower lightspeed reality.

Localized Phenomena

Gravitational Pull

The force derived from the particles coming together to form the loosely defined 'atmosphere' that exist between the system's planets. This creates a sort of medium that slows everything moving in it, even light. And, the closer to the center one goes, the more unusual gravity behaves.

Natural Resources

Lifting Gases: Gas with lower densities than normal atmospheric gases that rise in gaseous columns of hydrogen, helium, plasma, methane and alcohols.   Heavy Elements: Carbon, nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron exist as large clouds of matter.   Moll: A viral protein that practically opens the door to wild mixing of exotic genes.


Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

Discorporated people primarily inhabiting machines

Late comers to the system and where the remaining majority of thetíans opt to divert into the portal.
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

A militaristic culture stagnant under the demands of their mission

The original wave destined to settle the system per the Pearl Directive
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

An independently minded, near nomadic, culture who hopscotch between alien places

The alphi were the first to arrive in the Miasmic and build the initial infrastructure.

Alternative Name(s)
  • Second Sector
  • Alphi Area
Galactic Nebula
Vehicles Present
Included Organizations
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Opal World
Geographic Location | Jan 10, 2024


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