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Alphi, as do most transmigrants, view their minds as being their true self.
Bodies of metal or flesh are but vehicles for their intangible minds to interact with the material universe. It is simply a matter of fashion that alphi widely prefer the traditional organic form.
They have, more than any other, fully embraced and integrated swappable bodies into their culture. And thus, have most commodified the knowledge into specialized careers for growing traditional and exotic body plans, food, and ships.



The subservient class of betans are restricted to orbiting around their respective sun pairs in data dense probes containing a thousand individuals each separated from the other probes by 1000km on average.   Those who managed to escape into the Miasma, immediately seek to acquire a new body, so as to disappear from the pantheons. It is not too difficult to find a sympathetic echoist who would offer a significant discount or do for free.



Wide Column
Narrow Column



Echo facilities keep records of all known human alleles, the sum of all human memory and the wider cultural base with copies of thousands of famous works of art music and literature, as well as back up for the information network.   They are equipped with the capacity of recreating any lost human genomes or generating as many new and unique genomes as possible. With machines capable of creating up to 100,000 viable organic forms per day.

Provided Services

Artistic Expression

Echoists are most well known for designing and/or growing fashionable and imaginative simulacrum.

Food Production

Echoists also offer consultation to orbital farms that grow plants and rear live livestock.

Medical Necessity

Echoists are capable of cooking smaller bodily components like healthy limbs and vital organs to replace dying ones in a client.

Dangers & Hazards

Alternate Chemistry

There has been an ever increasing demand for simulacrum that do not adhere to the underlying biochemistry that is well known to humankind.   An increasing number of requests require certain combinations of amino acids that are detrimental to the very fundamental basis of their clients' humanity. They are also quite hazardous to handle and require newer and expensive machines to manipulate.

Alternative Names
  • Cloner
  • Geneticist
  • Type
    Extremely High
    Widely available and sort after in Second Sector but heavily restricted in the Third Sector
  • Nanites
  • Consciousness Transmitters
  • Vats
  • Super Computers
  • 3D Printers
  • Library of Exotic DNA
  • Moll
  • Nutrient Mixes
  • Protein Paste
  • Famous in the Field
    Other Associated professions
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