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Average technological level

Third Generation

Betan pantheons only allow for liberal education and scientific development within the Heliocentric centers of their respective sun pairs. However, their spread can be motivated by profit and influence on the neighbouring Delphi and Gammians interests; and on special betan minors. Otherwise, significant advancements are reserved for the pantheons' uses.

Common Etiquette rules


Betan Major
The ruling class of betans who quarantine themselves in stations between their respective stars.
Betan Minor
The subservient class of betans restricted to orbiting around their respective sun pairs in data dense probes containing a thousand individuals each and separated from other probes by 1000km.

Common Dress code

Organic Form

The natural humanoid form made of carbon flesh and bone that is born and maintained by cloning techniques. These are generally reserved for the highest members of the betan hierarchy.


Probes, drones, and the general talocin; that contain excess betan consciences. Such are restricted to the outer orbits of a sun's heliosphere and are much easier for the pantheons to control.

Art & Architecture

Massive Station Design

Huge space stations take up the majority of the various LaGrange points between the suns and planets.

Non-Aerodynamic Design

The betans are the most void comfortable of the transmigrants. As such, they do not feel the need to implement aerodynamic principles in their ships, and just choose what they think looks appealing.

Common Taboos


A minority of fringe minors, are able to break free of their forced confinements to enact violent and armed rebellion against pantheon authority.

Common Myths and Legends

Pearl Directive

The betan were the only wave to be explicitly mandated by the pearl people to travel to a preoccupied system to aid another group in seting up a foundation for serving the waves of ships who would follow them.   When they got there, however, they found that the Alphi had not yet arrived and they would have to dictate the system's direction. This disheartened the unified leadership as they were ill equipped for such an undertaking. And because of Gammium's unnavigability, had no safe alternative to travel to.   Several factions evolved who primarily sort to explore the voids on either sides of the spine, only to comeup empty handed. Eventually, dominant groups arose who unanimously abandoned the pearl directive and disappointedly separated into five factions typical of past human behaviours.

Major organizations

Genetic Pantheon

Each of the sun pairings: Peraure, Þeodcwéne, Logic, Seid, and Pulse; had one to three city-sized space stations positioned in-between their respective binary stars. These serve as bases for generational genetic recreations of each of the pantheons' founding members. Its purpose is to maintain a sense of permanence for betan society in the wake of the dissolution of the pearl directive and to substitute the pearl people.

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STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
Armour 2d6
HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
Speed 2d10+10 ft

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