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Agartha (uh-GAHR-thuh)

Agartha is a featureless sphere within orbit around Khonsu and fixed right above the Agartha Triangle.

Mechanics & Inner Workings


It is unclear what purpose Agartha could have served; or who built it. The only thing that can be observed of it, is as the target of an invisible continuous microwave beam being directed from the center of the Triangle's lake. It is assumed that there is some mechanism buried under the planet that provides the power for Agartha to generate its protective magnetic field.  
It appears as a pseudo-sun while standing from the Agartha Triangle. But its mystery clearly lies on that island - so why hasn't anyone gone there?
— thoughts from Bambu Cane


Agartha Triangle

A reasonably habitable pocket on Khonsu's surface that is warmed via the heat radiated from a rocky island formation. It is also shielded from cosmic radiation by Agartha's geomagnetic field.

Magnetic Field Bridge

Agartha emits a surprisingly powerful magnetic field that elongates from the fixed point on the Triangle and skimming across the cloud layer of Lethe. This provides an accessible haven against Courage's dangerous pulses.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Only One
50,000 kg
5 km Diameter
Raw materials & Components
Unknown Purplish Material
Unknown Methodology

Cover image: Ring Station by Frank Yang


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