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Average technological level

Fourth Generation

The gammians left Enuma Elish with some of the highest rated technology conceivable. Immediately after they arrived, most expert knowledge was lost. All they had left were what the survivors could scavenge from the biomechanical corpses of their comrades. They became very good at technical improvisation as a means to keep themselves alive.

Common Dress code

Cybernetic Enhancements

Gammians are cybernetic humans; a surgical fusion of mechanical and organic body parts, capable of surviving in spacial vaccum and other extreme conditions.   Because they can look so cobbled together and unsymmetric, the rest of humanity tend to not carry it very high opinion of them.

Art & Architecture


Gammians are the least cohesive of the transmigrants, being scattered across Nataraja's heliospheric edges, Gammium's iron fields and Aztlantláca's broken moon in hundreds of self-identifying factions.
Twilight Belt
Gammiums are able to build living structures out of their semi-mechanical bodies into complex, spongelike structures with parallel levels connected by a network of bridges.
Scatterings of asteroids were hollowed out into rock stations as resting places for the largest gatherings.
Torus Ring
The planetary ring around Aztlantláca where the gammians nomadically hop from one moonlet to another.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals


The majority of gammians have a servitude role, being used primarily for work labour, for other entities. Even while technically being employees for those contracting their services, they are generally regarded as property. Going so far as being introduced as someone else's gammian, rather than just as a gammian with their own name.  
Agencies exist that facilitate the agreement/adoption/sale of gammians to those seeking to own them like a pet or a servant.

Common Myths and Legends

Pearl Directive

The gammians were mandated by the pearl people to travel to Gammium and setup a foundation for serving the waves of ships who will follow them. However, Gammium turned out to be an unnavigable field of asteroids that also litters the Destiny Pipeline, which makes traversing it difficult under normal conditions.   But when they attempted to fold into Gammium, they found immediate death. Squadrons that were assigned together were immediately destroyed and the survivors had to recombine with other units they did not know. The asteroid spread forced many into the peripheries of Gammium where they fell under the Betans and the Lambians.

Pearl Mandate


First To Arrive

STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
Armour 2d6
HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
Speed 2d10+10 ft

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