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Average technological level

Fifth Generation

The latest in the most advance technological supremacy. They are tightly integrated and individualized to the person's expectations.

Common Dress code


Lambians are essentially mutated humans with additional systems integrated through a fusion of organic cells with wires and motors. Organic material grafted within the mechanical elements create biohybrid actuators and interlinked organs that are resilient and flexible. Elements include:
  • Silicon parts coated in heart muscules
  • Golden skeletons surrounded by nerves
  • Water soluble polymers that connect electric signals
  • Protein producing cells that divert radiation
  • Flexible glass skin/clothes for durability

Common Taboos


It is not fully clear, but more than half of the lambians who were able to cross through their planetary portal to their directive fell out of contact with the rest.   As a result, a core of survivors have coalesced on flying cities and low orbiting platforms at the open center of Aztlantláca.

Common Myths and Legends

Pearl Directive

The lambians were mandated by the pearl people to travel to Tenócha and setup a foundation for serving the waves of ships who will follow them. To date, they are the only transmigrant to have already successfully reached their directive, but are slowed by the others behind them.   Existing so long in a stagnant state, trying to get their fellows to catch up, many of the lambians struggle to maintain any semblance of faith in the pearl directive.

Diverged ethnicities
Related Locations

STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
Armour 2d6
HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
Speed 2d10+10 ft

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