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Bidirectional Entertainment

Bidirectional Entertainment is a multi-ethnic mass media conglomerate headquartered at Mouse Station at the midway point between Miasmic Astral and the Nataraja System.


There are three main elements to Entertainment’s huge corporate structure:
  1. Business Segments and Divisions

    • Media Networks
      The groups of direct, affiliated and unaffiliated groups that collect inspirations to be made into transmissions.
    • Studio Entertainment
      Several cross divisional departments that actually encrypt and code entertaining skits into the transmissions.
  2. Centralized Functional Group

    Functional groups are responsible for the centralization of strategic control across the many different business segments and brands. This ensures that the company can effectively coordinate strategic growth and sector operations.
  3. Geographical Divisions

    • Anchorage System
      The settlements of Dyson are so far removed from its source that they do not bother in patterning large stellaser deliveries with information.   They are large burst of focused energy that collide in the ring's own light catchers.
    • Miasmic Astral
      The orbital cities are the overwhelming customer base for BiDi.   Beams of light travel in large quantities and are then converted into small packages on arrival.
    • Nataraja System
      The pantheons of the Ball control the real source of BiDi's light energy.   Representatives, lobbyists and other actors in the pantheonic courts ensure continued access and supply on their behalf, on their paycheck.

Public Agenda

Bidirectional Entertainment's stated purpose is to facilitate the transfer of energy from one system to another.   But primarily, they encode likeable stories into the light patterns they send out, so as to outsource the light's last journey to the lower tier customers.


Franchise Intellectual Property

Concert of Circuses
A fictional account of a war correspondant in a low tech world.
A speculative history on the pre-arrival fleets while still in transit.
Book of Stars
A collection of stories that deify the stars of Nataraja.
Apocalypse War
A military science fiction story set at an unspecified date in an alternate past, presenting an imperiled humankind after two conflicts with cannibal aliens.
The Game
A mystery series on fictitious kidnapping conspiracies of different and returning characters.
Satellite Face
A horror experience that revolves around coloured sonic impressions to evade a monster.
Immortal Sisters
A core trio of main characters placed in various slice-of-life settings with an episodic cast of side characters.
Fall of the Empire
A historical imagining of the greshca civilization that follows three timelines.
A laplwyd-inspired telling of the uncertain events that took place during the "lost queens".

Demography and Population


Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

Discorporated people primarily inhabiting machines

Specialized and technical services in software maintenance and management.
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

A militaristic culture stagnant under the demands of their mission

A sizable population of manual labourers who live in less than ideal conditions on site.



Nagarjuna is the open void space that exist on the clockwise side of the pipeline.   Entertainment's infrastructure - Mouse House and Downtown - were established at the midpoint between Miasmic Astral and the Nataraja System.


Military Contractors

Presidents and mayors pay the small odd bands of cyclers to either leave them alone or to carryout specific tasks on their behalf in Nataraja and Gammium.   A few gammian pirates were able maintain permanent hideouts on fragmentary asteroids from which they extract tribute. The greatest threat to them are new cycler arrivals who would want their bases.

Technological Level

Light Lattice

Thousands of catchers serve as nodes in an interstellar energy grid that wrap around the Destiny Pipeline like a sleeve.   Mouse House is a vital node in the lattice. It is a gigantic tower-like station on the float as an optimum means of capturing directed solar energy as part of the lux transfer system.

Agriculture & Industry


Stellasers functionally serve as a commodity currency for all transmigrants. They serve as a medium for transferring data streams, providing laser thrust for ships and energy sources for smaller equipment.   BiDi is the chief organization that ensures the light traffic continues to move through the lower use tiers by encouraging social sharing by imprinting their entertaining material.

Trade & Transport

Castle Class

Many freighters travel the length of the pipeline carrying material goods and final products packed into it from as far as Dyson.   Speculants from Viennese Waltz, Black and Hieregard trade stocks based on castle contents. Uptown, being the middle distance, is also where audits confirm the cargo manifests.


Mouse House

The whole of the entity is headquartered in what is colloquially called the "Mouse House". It consists of nine castle class freighter ships arrayed into three levels on top of each other, with each level having three other of the circular stations touching at the circumference in a triangular pattern.  


The primary upscale living space for engineers who directly maintain the Mouse House.


A joint manufacturing hub and layover spot for ship on transit and whose employees live in an isolated economy.

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