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Light Catchers


Light catchers can range from the size of a tower, that serve stations or territorial settlements, to huge orbital mirrors that deliver solar storms' worth of energy. They are the optimum means of capturing directed solar energy as part of the lux transfer system.   Thousands of catchers serve as nodes in an interstellar energy grid that wrap around the Destiny Pipeline like a sleeve.


Refractive Containment

Reflective Medium
Any material that refracts the incoming beams as the means of controlling its direction.
Atomic Medium
Dense gaseous substances that physically slows down incoming light, such that it remains in a single spot.

Social Impact

Children Technologies
Access & Availability
A wide spread array of collectors, shooters and holders encircle the pipline within and without the light sleeve; and at the sectors' enter and exist points.
These devices are the most common megastructures that are regularly built by humanity.
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