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Average technological level

Second Generation

Most technology, developed independent of the pearl, primarily revolve around coping with troubles in and around the Perron Barren.

Common Dress code


Alphi, as do most transmigrants, view their minds as being their true self. Bodies of metal or flesh are but vehicles for their intangible minds to interact with the material universe. It is simply a matter of fashion that alphi widely prefer the traditional organic form.   While more vulnerable to harm than a mechanical form, clothing is seen as unnecessary given the shell of environmental control their ships and stations provide.

Art & Architecture

Orbital Structures

Large platforms circle Bhuvarlok, the Opal World and other bodies to serve as points of commerce, a common shielded shelter against cosmic dangers and health service provider.

Family Vessels

Large families can crew a single ship or a three-ship fleet to travel between the clouds of Miasmic Astral and the realities of Manidweepa.

Common Myths and Legends

Pearl Directive

The alphi were mandated by the pearl people to travel to Nataraja System and setup a foundation for serving the waves of ships who will follow them. However, a disaster upon entering the Miasmic Astral made moving further impractical, so their fleet broke up and settled into variable gravity settings.


Beauty Ideals

Organic Form

The natural humanoid form made of carbon flesh and bone that is born from natural procreation between the parents. Perhaps making the alphi, the last group of humanity to sire genuinely helpless children who are ignorant of the universe they were born into.  
Once matured, alphi like to roll the evolutionary dice on themselves to grow all manner of additional biological traits like gills, harder bones, extra limbs or desensitized nerves. But more than likely, they are hampered in some grotesque way and need to commission an echoist for an entirely new body.

Relationship Ideals

Plural Marriages

Marriages are of more than 2 bisexual polyamorous partners who live and work together on their ship or group of ships. There may be other hands who come and go as seasonal help to account for a missing service or skill, but there is always a core familial unit who take precedence. Newer and younger members can marry into a pre-established marriage over time to share the child rearing burdens and ship/fleet operating responsibilities.

STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
Armour 2d6
HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
Speed 2d10+10 ft

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