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A simulacra is an artificial demi organic body for a consciousness to inhabit and pilot. They can take on a multitude of shapes, varying from being human shape to traditional livestock or fantasy creatures to one-of-a-kind chimeras.   There are usually waves of fashionable trends, with a particular simulacra design being popular at a given moment of time or among a specific group:
  • Explorers in Manidweepa really got into turning themselves into horses for a time, to the consternation of the Laplwyds.
  • Herbivorous animals like sheep, llamas, kakapos and iguanas followed. As well as, experimenting in anthropomorphic does, crabs, squirrels and cats.
  • Wealthy alphi showed off a hybrid merfolk/vampire simulacra that became the defining feature of a new human culture in a particularly isolated part of the Betan Sector and far from the fast travel of the Pipeline.
  • This inturn lend to an interest in predatory options such as lions, sharks and birds of prey. Humanoid versions of dogs, orcas and other carnivores were not as prevalent as their prey counterparts.

Power Generation


Like with the classical humanoid form of the Delphi, Alphi and some Betans; all versions of simulacrum run on calories. Some more than others. Drinking glucose solutions or eating flavoured algae paste with supplements are the cheapest, and most common, way to get this energy. Being the same as any organic form whether or not it is born or grown.



Use of two rear limbs for walking, running, and hopping.
Uses of four limbs to bear weight, walk and run. Some designs would also use wings to right themselves.
Limbless Locomotion
Use of the underside of a body to slither or crawl and can include features such as suction cups, scales or rollers.

Communication Tools & Systems

Universal Interface

In choosing to become animals, a person can adopt varies sizes that may not be compatible with their home vessel. Therefore, there are attachments and software installations that accommodate larger non-human forms:
  • Oversized buttons to withstand paws, claws and hooves mashing against a control panel
  • Mouth wide grips fitted onto levers and switches to endure repeated biting from handless simulacrum

Vocal Boxes

Complimentary human larynges and the accompanying muscles are included in nearly all organic forms without compromising the external shape. They also allow for the continued use of voice command/control programs onboard ships.   However, there are very niche groups who opt for the 'truest' experience possible and forgo this. They, therefore, become reliant on eye tracking control software, mental control links and possibly removable mechanical attachments.


Extrasensory Capabilities

Buyers have the option to incorporate senses that allow the pilot to experience their environment in exquisite detail. From the more mundane options of eagle like vision, super smells, extra taste sensors or acute hearing.   To more extreme sensory systems that are made up of a group of cells attuned to a particular signal:
  1. Complex eyes with many more types of photoreceptors that allow for faster processing and a wider perception that allows to see polarized and UV light.
  2. Dense mechanoreceptors under skin or whiskers that expand of the sense of touch and sensitivity to texture, temperature and disturbances.
  3. Chemoreceptors with a greater library of molecules and chemicals to make smelling and tasting for amino acids and sugars in the miasma easier.
  4. Electroreception and magnetic navigation pitted in the skin and rewired into the brain to create an intimate familiarity with nearby electronics and planetary fields.
  5. Ultrasonic vocalization to allow for secret communication at higher pitches outside of ordinary auditory ranges.
  6. Modified skeletons of different densities and shapes that detect small seismic cues for navigation or communication with others baring similar adjustments.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Alternative Chemistry

The underlying biochemistry for individual simulacrum can be radically divergent from each other even if they maintain the same morphology.   Certain combinations of amino acids are better suited for certain body features. And the most expensive simulacrum will have two contradicting chemical basis that would not be naturally stable outside a lab grown mesh.

Consciousness Transmitters

In the event of an emergency, cybernetic implants in the brain can beam their consciousness away from the place of immediate danger to a backup server or spare talo. So long as the fleshy brain was not destroyed in those moments.  
Death is a process after all.

  • Organic Forms
  • Flesh Suit
  • Designation
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    Originates in the Miasmic Astral and becomes less common further away
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