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Diamagnetic Fields


Alternate Gravity

As the water within a living body is diamagnetic, they experience a repulsive force under a magnetic field.
In place of the metal floors and magnetic boots, the water magnets are pre-installed above rooms and hallways to push against the water in people.



The later transmigrants have come to prefer designs that are not compatible to traditional thrust gravity.
Alternatively, designers would install a hybrid electromagnet in the ceiling that emits a 45 tesla magnetic push to keep passengers grounded. The magnets' coils are apart of a greater device that moves through the walls and floors that affix the interior to where they are; irreverent to planetary obits, cosmic winds or physical impacts on the hulls.

Social Impact

Gammians have found the greatest use in these magnets. Particularly ones who are restricted to being 'brains in a jar' will possess more room on their ship(s) to accommodate it.
Alternate Names
Water Magnets
Access & Availability
Extremely Energy Expensive
It is a bulky apparatus that wraps around small rooms, which in turn restricts its suitability to certain ships above a certain size.
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Cover image: Magnetic Waterbending by David Reiter


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