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Mechanics & Inner Workings


Once moll has worked its way in, it influences the body by effecting the cells' mitotic pathways that allows for a rapid healing of wounds. It additionally suppresses pain and if a body has moll already flowing through their veins, then sloppily pouring more over a wound will rapidly close it and can be an option for reattaching limbs.  
Gene Reactivation
One unavoidable consequence of moll randomly manipulating the protein in ones genes, is that certain influences of dormant genes, that have been inactive since before the pearl like hair production, tail growth or bone lengthening, can reemerge.  
The high rate of morphology makes it relatively easy to splice in foreign DNA and change the physical being. Moll has complete control over the organics of its host body. This includes the immunal response a body normally has, is repressed.

Manufacturing process

Controlled Assimilation

Partial Modification
  1. Moll is used in conjunction with nano mites in a near symbiotic communication with each other and the host
  2. Moll is injected in strategic points over the area where change is required
  3. Over the course of seven days, the nanobots move with an appendage specifically selected for modification and induce numerous physiological alterations
  4. Points of entry into the body turn into chitinous material while the patient is laid to inaction
  5. As the nanites move through the body, tissue is consumed from one end and excretes its replacement in long continuous steam like a 3D printer to augment functionality; all the while secreting anesthetics and immunosuppressant chemicals to prevent tissue rejection. During this phase:
    • Feelings of discomfort and motor loss is common
    • Cell signaling mechanisms and process are unaffected
  6. Improved strength, reflexes and resilience are the desire in assimilated parts
Full Modification
  1. Inject a baseline moll solution into the spinal cord and cerebral spinal fluid without the designer components
  2. After a period of about 18 hours, inject the designer solution into the same spots in the spine
  3. Continue to observe the effects in an isolated area as host cells are being infiltrated, contorted and manipulated at random by the new protein
    • At this point, the moll would be bridging the gap between the two types of cells while also keeping the body alive
    • It is unclear, if moll is indeed alive in some way as to intentionally keep its new home as a sustainable environment
Though consciousness is unaffected during the assimilation process, it is still recommended that people leave their minds in alternate bodies.



Moll is described as an unthinking collection of protein that possesses the surreal ability of combining unrelated strands of different protein together without needing sophisticated equipment. No need for the majority of traditional complicated bio-solutions, containment vats, other heavy equipment and even certain specialized knowledge.
In practice, this has greatly increased the speed at which any organic body can be generically modified without needing to grow a new one to new specifications.
  There is a lesser need for precision when using moll, but if it is not totally purged by the end of the treatment, then random genetic muations can continue.  


However, a major downside is that unless a specialist sequences desirable traits a customer is looking for; changes would otherwise be random.  
It also bears mentioning that this is not a seamless transition or an even blending of abilities. Rather, new and old physical traits are layered over each other.
For example, a common resultant feature is the addition of parts of another creature's muscular coding over the preexisting ones. This comes about by adding another Y-chromosome that gives double the muscle mass in certain areas, but may not necessarily double the strength of a normal body.   Similarly, the nervous system can be doubled leading to increased sensory sensitivity and reaction times. But can also stunt intellectual capability and disjoin thoughts leading to baser thought processing; potentially forcing the consciousness into animalistic instinct.

Item type
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Found exclusively in zero-G streams of cosmic soup that is Miasmic Astral's atmosphere
Raw materials & Components
  • Simulacra or Fully Organic Body
  • Sample of foreign DNA
  • Designer Moll Solution
  • Syringe
  • Resting Area
  • Nanites
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