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Viennese Waltz

Space Drive-in

Purpose / Function

Viennese Waltz is a government-run initiative between the tangible and intangible sides of the council that cleanly cuts through the two worlds in Bhulok. It was formed from bringing two parts close together and inhabiting the space between.   One half contains the billions of streams of sapient code, and the other, thousands of flesh and metal people. It often acts as the preferred neutral ground for:
  • Quick interfacing between desperate groups on work related matters
  • Gain a reliable break from long haul assignments without being far from the ship
  • Opportunity to restock, rearm and reassess, if needs be, from depots of thousands cargo containers tied together in caches.


This space acts as the connective tissue in a joint to either ends of Bhulok Station.   The facilities that make up Waltz contour into a roughly cylindrical area of around 10,000 square kilometers and can accommodate about 1000 patrons at a time. It is mostly empty space, for ships to maneuver and dock onto clamps and cranes that line the inner rim.   Split down the middle, the bendsadri side contains wall-to-wall crystalline server matrices for processing the whims and wishes of those inhabiting it. While the other lays out a traditional orbital floorplan for walking about and limited amenities.


Login Admittance

Baring entering while wearing a talo, epsilonians and thetíans can only access the Bend's services by establishing a VW account.

Bilateral Situated Valleys

There two parallel slits for small ships to enter and dock inside the venue. It remains open so long as the parts of Bhulok continue to evenly rotate about the axial bar.

Sensory & Appearance

Recreated Twilight

The inner rim is cast in a perpetual semi darkness. A green shadowy glow from the plasmic generators permeate through the central axial during the transference of energy towards the various subsystems in Bhulok as a whole.   Contrastly, shades of blue refract from the inner rim while twinkling whites from the underside mimic the old home's nightly skies or sparkling oceans. Shadows from passing patron ships add a further unintended effect of dragonesque shapes seeming to prowl the screen.   Additionally, public speakers are attuned to the counting station to drown the vacant quite with a free rhythmic sound that no one understands and become noise blind to.



In an endless pursuit of sensory pleasure, a billion lower runts of non-corporated thetíans are kept idol by self-stimulating their neural pathways to experience the tastes of foods or orgasms through a cocktail of brain chemicals that simulate inner peace.   There is a minority of elite thetíans who forge business contracts with their Delphi counterparts.
Below us or above us, the bendsadri is the dumping ground of Bhulok. A digital place where diminished people have been reduced to a collection of nerve endings and kept busy by infinitely masturbating.   Can we really still consider them people.


Alphi explorer ships are the most common to be seen docking and leaving the outer hulls and supplemental docks by which they enter.   By far they make up the largest human group to traverse Manidweepa, though they do not always appear human. They have a greater perpetuity to grow their bodies to resemble that of traditional livestock or mythological creatures.

Contents & Furnishings

Basic Menu

Virtual Menu
Files/Functions Cost
Alcohol Filter Function Free
Endorphin Function Free
Dopamine/Serotonin Cocktails Free
Oxytocin Files Free
Glutamate Stimulant Addon Free
Due to the 'copy and paste' replicability in the code that impart these temporary effects in the digital forms of Epsilonians and Thetíans, these items are already universal in Bhulok's servers.
Physical Menu
Items Cost
Algae Paste 2 Stells
Nutritional Supplements/Pills 5 Stells
3D Printed Meals 10 Stells
Chemically Flavoured Water 3 Stells
Liquid Meals 5 Stells
Due to the economies of scale from the hundreds and thousands of biofactories manufacturing foods for Delphi and Alphi are incredibly cheap.


Job Boards
Large physical screens or hand notifications bearing lists of vacant roles required for private endeavors.
Opal Terminals
Electronic telecommunications device that monopolistically enable users to send and receive public information and private messages from outside the Opal Portal.
Framejack Interface
Specialized panoramic rooms that overclock or underclock a bodiless thetían to accommodate relativistic communication with present ephemeral transmigrants.



Tren Trio
  • A trio of advertised sisters famous for song and dance concerts ~ 50 Stells per ticket
  • Individual sisters offer the occasional highend courtesan services ~ 500 Stells per day
  • Party invitations aboard the sisters' personal yacht ~ Free
Cult Of Nikit
  • A youth group who oversee and organize various activities for its members ~ 12 Stells per event
  • Information lectures on various topics with guest speakers ~ Free
  • Contest performances by professional members ~ Free
  • Long form narratives in the structure of movies and invented chronicles~ 20 Stells per subscription
  • Short form narratives in the structure of mimetic texts and comics~ 5 Stells per subscription
  • Official and unofficial subsidiary materials~ 10 Stells per subscription
Repairs and Maintenance
Ship Repairs and Upgrades
  • Weapons checks and hull refittings~ 120 Stells per unit per surface area
  • Thetían shielding normalization services~ 50 Stells per segmented unit
  • Minor component replacement ~ Variable
  • Transmitter resynchronisation for simulacra pilots ~ 200 Stells
  • Custom interface programming for mixed body crews~ 100 Stells per crew member per system readout
  • Cerebral realignments for talo pilots and their talocin~ Variable by interactive complexity
  • Download services for digital beings from their synthezoid vehicles into Bhuloks' servers~ 200 Stells
  • Upload services for digital beings into talocin forms~ 200 Stells
  • Standard programming code checks~ Free
Stock Exchange
  • Black market trades in legal and illegal goods~ Undisclosed
  • Buy and sell products already on mult-decade transit transports through the pipeline~ Undisclosed
  • Invest in various transport, business or odd job ventures ~ Undisclosed
Barter Swaps
  • Contract write-ups and fulfillments ~ Fixed 5 Stells
  • Ownership exchanges for small to medium purchases(s) ~ Fixed 15 Stells
  • Ownership exchanges for bulk container(s) ~ Fixed 550 Stells
Currency Exchange Reserves
  • Change between ethereal currencies or currency equivalents upon availability~ 5% commissions
  • Purchase stock in reputable companies ~ 10% commissions
  • Place bets on a multitude of game outcomes ~ 11% commissions

Hazards & Traps


It is not unexpected for crews to vanish while on their runs in Manidweepa. Those might fall through a random portal or be taken by raiding meridians; but I'm talking bout that one dope drinking at the bar you never see again.   And no one notice this before, but there's alot of synthezoids that just turn up, without their pilots, seeming to be abandoned in their storage pods or hotel rooms. And no one can contact them ever again.

Special Properties

Protoplasmic Electricity

A clean energy system that siphons the free floating plasmas into a centrifugal generator that draws directly from the electronic imprints in the substance.   The electric grid consists of communication lines, control stations, transformers, and distributors that aid in supplying power from the reactor plants to the consumers. Presently, the electric grid constitutes humongous power production units which generate millions of megawatts of power distributed across several departments.


Server Bridges

In order to support access for the local digital patrons, several large trusses braced between the two halfs of bhulok also carry heavy duty incal cables to physically transfer the visiting consciousnesses.

Conveyor Trains

Publicly available monorail carts that run the length of the valley slits' edges, between the spherical generators that cap the ends.


Centripetal Architecture

Centripetal architecture normally follows O'neill cylinders where living space is arranged around a hollow center. As if its heart had somehow fallen outside its body, an upside down area hangs overhead no matter where one is.  
Axial Bar
The bar refers to the protoplasm powered lamp that puts out light in green and yellow frequencies. This lamp functions as a sort of 'sun' for those inside and is typically thought of as the 'common downward' for those at either side of the cylinder as that way is the most expedient exist.  
Inner Rim
The cylinder's inner circumference is mostly bear save for hundreds of cubicle rooms with open ceilings towards the axial lamp. There, crews can access the serviced meals and open entertainment onboard the bars and corridors that float between the rim and the lamp.
Outer Rim
The outer circumference of the cylinder is not typically considered as part Viennese Waltz. It mostly consists of rentable single rooms, living apartments and the odd conference rooms whose lights can shine through to the inner rim windows like starlight.


Dignitatic Aura

The billions of thetíans who inhabit Bhulok emit the dignitatic auras that protects the settlement from emerging into some monstrous sentient entity.   It takes the shape of an invisible cylinder that encompasses the twisting ridges that continuously spiral about the area.



Immigrating inside any server is a form of shell shock to epsilonians who have been wholly accustomed to slow introverted mediation; suddenly entering a fast and crowded environment.   Once they enter, it is difficult for them to leave. They tend to conjugate around areas with Alters and Cores to amalgamate with them and form completely new personalities.


It can be a harrowing sprint for asylum seekers from Dyson's military council. You may not see it when you see it, but runners need to be able to deploy clever delaying tactics so they have time to make it from the other side.   Once they cross, no one can force them back, but they also can never leave Manidweepa again. They tend to dissappear among the throngs of passing crews to find new employment and establish new lives.


It is extremely rare to find a betan of either class anywhere, other than their home system.   On the off chance there is an admitted betan, they are like to be a criminal of some kind. Not because they are anymore violent than anyone else, but because they would need to possess some far superior skill or connections or authority to not get caught leaving either the panteons or the probes.
Alternative Names
  • The Bend
  • Riverbend
  • VW
  • Type
    Shopping mall / Commercial Complex
    Parent Location
    Environmental Effects
    Colonies of the epsilonians are often caught and destroyed during energy harvesting.
    Connected Rooms
    Compartment of Vehicle
    Characters in Location
    Related Materials
    Quarantine Class
    Vehicle | Nov 15, 2022

    Naming Origins

    The viennese waltz was an olden form of fast rotary dance whose movements were idealized to turn two into one.  
    lift your dresses high like cloaks, and bring your bodies under one cover
      The dance required two distinct bodies to be arms' length from each other and in either a clockwise or counter clockwise motion.  
    It is quite a stretch to consider Viennese as an o'neill cylinder.   But I suppose I can see the symbolism in two stations built from recycled parts revolving together. They're barely touching though.
    Ethereal Evolution Evaluation
    Document | Sep 15, 2022

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    17 Mar, 2022 08:33

    Wow! I love the name that also represents the interaction between the two worlds of code and material and is reflected in the design. Check out my Tavern challenge entry: The Destill - Dwarven Spice Tavern

    22 Mar, 2022 22:24


    18 Mar, 2022 09:31

    This is pretty much of pretty extraordinary information to chew on! A map of the VW could serve it wonderfully, as well as some slow easing into descriptors of the tavern. I am uncertain if it is because of my ADHD, but half of the time I felt "lost" in the article not understanding what I were reading or how it connected to the rest of the tavern. It seems like a really cool place, but I just can't get a grasp on the whole picture of the location.

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    22 Mar, 2022 02:40

    Thanks for your feedback. I've tried to straighten out the overall description but it may still feel a bit disjointed depending where it is mentioned on which page section.   It is rather like a drive-thru but with space vessels parking inside a dedicated O'Neill cylinder as part of an 'alternative space'. Did it come across any clearer?

    26 Mar, 2022 13:45

    The idea of two planes meeting like this, is real intriguing. And I really like all the menu options, including repairs.   I do find it's a bit hard to understand terms without reading the linked articles, perhaps a few short summaries here and there to help the layfolks out?

    Too low they build who build beneath the stars - Edward Young
    29 Mar, 2022 02:36

    That's a great suggestion. Which areas would you say need summaries?

    29 Mar, 2022 14:55

    Pfff... You got a lot of red links without excerpts, maybe begin with the ethnicities?

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