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Opal Portal


The opal portal is comprised of two parts: the permanent region and the probabilistic region.   The permanent region is a swirling vortex of green and blue and pink hues, 500km wide. It lies at the heart of the Miasmic Astral and connects to the Perron Barren. All colours are endemic of the varieties of protoplasm that stream from the opening in massive quantities.   The probabilistic region is an area of space surrounding the central opal portal with a 5000km diameter where smaller portals orbit the larger one. They open and close at random in one direction to other dimensions or, more commonly, to other places within the same dimension.

Ecosystem Cycles

Gravitational Currents

Gravity does not behave as it should at the center of the nebula.
It is not entirely sure why, but there are several directional changes in gravitational forces in the immediate area around the portal. Gravity might initially draw an object toward the portal, but a sudden change could force it outwards or towards a random rimward direction.   It is theorized that the portal's rim is lined with spinning gravitons that are not always evenly distributed.

Localized Phenomena

Incorporeal Depth

The passage going through the portal is seems longer inside than what it would seem from the outside.   Inspite of the 50km depth from the outside, any craft actually in transit experience being in a much longer multicoloured tunnel before emerging on the other side.

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