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Ethereal Evolution Evaluation


This metric of evaluation is used as a means of referencing the power capabilities of ethereals.

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This one's generally in the high 60s in terms of power, but between 47.1 and 55.1 in complexity.
  It is based on two different scales to measure their general capacity. The first measures the power level by assessing their protoplasmic aura. A second scale tracks the complexity of the protobody itself.   However, power and complexity are not codependent on each other. A native can be powerful but without complexity and vis versa.

Publication Status

This measurement scale is widely known and available to those who traverse the Manidweepa regularly.

Alternate Name
  • Ethereal Scale
  • EEV Scale
  • EEV
Guide, Survival
Digital Recording, Text

Cover image: Antares Wallpaper by Christian Vichi


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