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Dignitas is the invisible aura that accumulates upon a person during life experiences. The greater the diversity of experience one encounters, the stronger their dignitas.   They are scientifically defined as the electronic impulses imprinted onto the mind from some decision made or from traumas inflicted onto a person. While they may have negligible effects on the normal side of the opal portal, they showcase alternate properties that can bind to other objects.


There are several reality warping phenomenon that can occur in the in-between.   Zetetics are able to use their dignitas to manipulate their surroundings. In the zero-gravity environment dignitas can grasp the free floating protoplasm to fashion simple solid constructs or compound components.
There has been some purported dignitic effects observed in the second sector.
If true, it's likely some holdover effect not far enough away from the open portal to be safe.

Metaphysical, Psychic

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