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Naming Traditions

Unisex names


Being relegated to what is essentially a community of computer programs, individuals naturally relied on direct links to communicate with their fellows. But when speaking with others outside their network, the lost of a physical presence proved a little unsettling or vexing when their organic partners could only reply to artifical voices.   Therefore, thetíans create avatars that may be of still images, moving animations or virtual recreations of the humanoid form to reflect non-verbal ques.

Other names

Internet Monikers

A great many of their organizations' favoured names are chosen from among classic curses, misspellings and short phrases of their distant past arranged into contradictory meanings.


Shared customary codes and values

Thetíans value the alternate physics in Manidweepa as it is somewhat reminiscent of their reality bending abilities in Blasto. So there is not as much of an adaptation in the transition.   Although, there is a notable limitation in their processing power while in Bhulok due to the same strange behaviour in a circuit's electrons.

Average technological level

Zeroth Generation

All that the thetíans have, was all forced onto them directly from the pearl people.
Some might even remember that painful experience. Though memories so far back are likely to have deteriorated.
Those prisoners were lacking of any technical knowledge that would be pertinent to an eternity in space. However, given that the taurus journey took literally millions of years, they had the time to learn and manipulate the system themselves. Physical breakdowns in the matrix, decrypting past pearl securities and pearl scheduled systems updates, offered opportunities for every onboard thetían to break the things in their prison.   As a result, thetíans tend to be the best experts in reverse engineering pearl technology.

Common Etiquette rules


Thetíans have several unusual behaviours that deviate from the norms of their closest human neighbours. It is thought that the data density resulting from their server crystals, created such sameness among the sapient data streams that everyone maintains their own sort of stylings, speech patterns, peculiar tastes or offbeat thinking to maintain a distinctive sense of self.

Common Dress code


A synthezoid is an androidlike vehicle that acts as a transport or home for one consciousness to inhabit. They are composed of a skeletal frame, sensors and electricity triggered actuators wrapped around a remote system.

Art & Architecture

Incal Matrix

Transparent crystalline cubes specialized to store high density data. It is reserved for containing millions of consciousness within a comparably small space and the foundation of Blasto and Bhulok.   The matrices, however, can turn into a jellylike substance with dissociated lattices while under the alternate physical laws of the Manidweepa.To negate this, incal cells meet to be under intense pressure to maintain their lattice forms.

Common Taboos

Leaving the Gel

Inspite of the thetíans' forceful imprisonment, many are hesitant to immigrate back into the physical world. After spending 33,000,000 years within a confined space but having the flexibility to manipulate their virtual environment to their whims, the benefits to why they would leave is lost on them.

Common Myths and Legends

Pearl Directive

The thetíans were mandated by the pearl people to travel to Anchorage and setup a foundation for serving the waves of ships who will follow them.

Prisonous Cells

Thetíans do not remember the circumstances of their incarceration, just that the pearl people forced them from their organic forms into digital ones.


Gender Ideals

With the passage of eons, the thetían's sense of self slowly deteriorated due to their disembodied nature.
Identities, orientations and preferences fell away from us a long time ago.
— Bartholomew Ziehm

Courtship Ideals


Thetíans abstain from traditional procreation.   Independent of the epsilonians, and under separate conditions, two or more thetíans can decide they have lived their eons-long life to their utmost. They have the option of melding their consciousness together with their partner, thereby dying, and spawning a hitherto new thetían while reducing the population.

Major organizations

Taurus Exodus

Thetíans travelled the longest of any of the transmigrant waves. Though they had some vague notion of where they were going and why, they were never truly incentivized to carry on with the pearl directive assigned to them.   In fact, they had counter-intuitively evolved a shut-in culture while working to free themselves of their quarantine ships.
  Once they did, the fleets' formation was broken up and they began scattering to different parts of the Destiny Pipline. Though they were now perfectly capable of offloading, they still never quite found the incentive to do so on mass.

STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
Armour 2d6
HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
Speed 2d10+10 ft
Quarantine Class
Vehicle | Aug 26, 2023
Trireme Class
Vehicle | Jan 1, 2022


At its most unfavourable, thetíans are considered mad and absurd and treated somewhat suspiciously whenever they interact with outsiders on an individual level.   At best, they are considered quite obsessive in their particular niche and are very reliable machines when on contract with outsiders.

Cover image: SimRa - artificial construct by Adam Kuczek


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