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Trireme Class

The first trireme was a converted freighter that would be the secret home for Bartholomew Ziehm

Power Generation

Oversized Reactors

Four vacuum sealed vessels twice as large and 16 times as heavy as any previous fusion reactor and consisting of a double-walled steel container in which the plasma is contained by means of magnetic fields.


Fusion Drive

Conventional drives running on fusion power for sustained energy production for powering the ship's novel defense protocols.

Impulse Drive

Stacks of piezoelectric crystals expand and contract causing vibrations in one direction, which inturn causes an acceleration that taps into a gravitational potential energy.   As it gains energy, the crystals gain and lose mass which shifts the ship's center of mass forward. Repeated cycles creates a slight forward momentum.

Armor and defense


Overlapping Shield Generators
Redundant active magnetic shield systems accumulate plasma from solar winds or venting fusion engines that create their own electric and magnetic currents inturn.
Additional Hull Plating
External armor on the freight's hull to allow for greater resistance against space debris and sabotage.

Communication Tools & Systems

Communications Array

Triremes' do not have the most sophisticated laser link system possible. In spite of its reactors' energy producing capacity, its default communication devices cannot project stellasers through interstellar distances, even with the aid of the pipeline. Bartholomew had a somewhat justified paranoia that delphi operatives would attempt to hack him and his systems if he installed more sophisticated communication technologies.



Several instruments study the colours of the electromagnetic spectrum to determine the composition, physical structure and electronic structure of matter at astronomical distances.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Extra Cooling Units

Excess heat is removed by efficient liquid heat-exchangers and radiators to reject that heat into space.

Crystalline Server Matrix

Bartholomew installed a single crystalline cube, with over 2.5 petabytes capacity, for himself and from where he can operate the ship's systems.

Current location
10,000 Made
Complement / Crew
  • 1 Thetían
  • 12 Drones
  • Cargo & Passenger Capacity
    2,000,000 Liters
    Building / Landmark | Jan 10, 2024

    Cover image: Suliban Cargo Ship by Robert Bonchune


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