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Anchorage System


At first approach, Anchorage appears completely devoid of anything. More a useless section of space and poorer than Va Vivet, from where all transmigrants started. But a gravitational anomaly slowly becomes detectable and observers can witness the vague outline of cosmic light fixed at a miniscule central point. This is the only indicator of the much larger dark matter star and it accompanying halo.

Localized Phenomena

An artificial hyperlane first discovered by the Delphi while anchored at Anchorage, and acts as a short cut through Miasmic, Nataraja, Gammium and ends at Tenócha.


Ethnicity | Sep 24, 2022

Discorporated people primarily inhabiting machines

Ships from the Taurus Exodus were greatly confused when they first arrived as they were expected to be the first in the first sector as part of the pearl plan.
Ethnicity | Apr 18, 2022

A militaristic culture stagnant under the demands of their mission

Upon their arrival, commanders conducted broad sweeps of the most interesting bodies in the system: Boston and Dyson.
Alternative Name(s)
  • First Sector
  • Delphi Domain
Star System
Vehicles Present
Included Locations
Related Ethnicities
Inhabiting Species

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Cover image: Interstellar wormhole by Erik Shoemaker

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