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Va Vivet


Voilà Vivere is a single planet star system lacking for asteroids, comets or any other celestial bodies. Even lacking for the scantest cosmic debris.

Fauna & Flora

It is forbidden for transmigrants who have already left to return for any reason.
As the only terrestrial planet left, Enuma Elish is generally devoid of traditional organic life. Though more prevalent within the planetary depths, there remains a type of pseudo-life that move irregularly and discontinuously across the surface and through the sterile soil.

Natural Resources

Voilà has been so thoroughly mined that only one planet, out of ten, and a drained dwarf star remain. At its height, the space between planets was choked with conveyor belts of ships off the line, orbital platforms, planetary drills and energy routers that efficiently exchanged the mined materials for their automated roles. And once their scheduled life had come to an end, these engineering marvels were cracked like nuts for the reuse of their parts.


Aggressive Ship Building

Most of what's left are the automated systems that used to deliver, strip and manufacture the galaxy traversing ships that went into the Taurus, the Shepherd and all the way to the Great Twins.
Alternative Name(s)
  • Voilà Vivere
  • Sector Zero
  • Type
    Solar System
    Included Locations
    Ethnicity | Apr 21, 2022

    Biomechanic humans steeped in a long running interregnum

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    Cover image: Return To Earth-Universe Mood by Evan Liu

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