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Puritan is a the lone continent that floats over the planet's mega ocean.


Puritan Shores

One final project demanded a sturdier base from which to build. So an extrasolar body was delivered to fulfill that role.
  The supercontinent of Puritan is, itself, another delivery that floats over the global ocean. The edges of this slab of a continent generally rise miles above sea level. However; its mineral content, combined with repeated poundings from mega-maelstroms, has lead to rows of haphazard spires surrounding the shores.

Localized Phenomena

Puritan Megamonsoon

These scheduled asteroid impacts create severe annual seasonality, severe aridity in the tropics and severe multidecadal climate oscillations. This system shapes terrestrial fauna and flora on the one landmass in really pervasive ways.


Aggressive Terraforming

Enuma Elish serves as the main manufacturing site for all the ships needed for the pearl directive.
What this means is that the mined and refined parts of the other nine planets were send hurtling into planet's atmosphere to be collected as their raw materials.
  Enuma Elish, itself, was never immune from this process and for most of its post human history, it was a water world. As all its original continental mass was consumed and taken up into space. For a long time, aquatic machines were the only things to move autonomously beneath the surface. And they were able to make do in their artificial world.   Impossibly, the ocean reformed as it was before with a cap of land anchored to the northwestern hemisphere. Whereas before, a global storm raged nonstop, caused by the many artificial asteroid impacts; can now be downgraded to megamonsoon when the winds and seas crash into puritan's shores.
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Geographic Location | Dec 3, 2021

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Cover image: Senatus' Descension by Raphael Michael

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