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Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Forced Incorporation

It is unknown, even to the grescha, just what their corporeal originally looked like. What is certain, is when the grescha eventually abandoned their fleshly form, they relied on neural pathways of other species to grow their population. Whether they were truly an advanced and sapient race or some lowly animal, grescha would deep scan and destroy their organic minds to be preserved with grescha machines.

Ecology and Habitats

Electric Environment

Grescha can only survive within some form of electronic circuitry.

Dietary Needs and Habits


Dyson draws on its power from the loss of angular momentum of the hyper dense star shell while orbiting the Boston Star. The machine then converts the forces into electrons that are evenly distributed amongst it resident grescha.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Segmented Hive Mind

Because the majority of grescha originated from outside species with different levels of sapients, sentients, knowledge and instincts there exists a tiered ableist caste system in their social order. Those animals of the 'hunt to be hunted' variety follow simple instructions of delivering 1 bit of data from on location to another, just like with an IF/OR/AND line of code.   Those of a primitive mind and an understanding of cause and effect, can follow and devise more complicated instructions. While those from former civilizations can acclimatize relatively quickly or me rage against the machine for a time before acquiescing to the new reality.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Power Source

Being composed entirely of electrons, the grescha appeared to humans as The flow of currents typical in their ships and machines.   And though it would be long before they identify what or where the ultimate load was originally supposed to be, They would tap into the current flow to power their devices. Killing grescha in the process.

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms


Upon their arrival, the people of Taurus began to heavily modify the physical machinery. Plate sections were removed, channels were gutted and the alien designs were hollowed out to make a livable space for themselves, while unknowingly destroying millions of grescha.
Even, now that they know we are here. They still strip our preservation systems to preserve their own lives.

Civilization and Culture

Common Dress Code


An artificial construct for minds to be uploaded. Greshca are imperceptibly small like the epsilonians but still retain enough constitution, like a thetían, for a single greshca spot to pilot shrimp-like talocin. There are very few of them left but grescha who traverse the dyson's inner infrastructure are their perseverants who tend the station's physical degradation.

Common Taboos

Leaving the Machine

Perseverant have the exception of needing the maintain the physical needs of their station.   Otherwise, grescha possess a deep collective fear of everything in the rest of space. This cultural trepidation has made their properly addressing their human problems nearly impossible.

Common Myths and Legends

Golden Age

The greshca are a hive mind collected from hundreds, possibly thousands, of organic species forcibly assimilated into the original greshca consciousness. They were a previously galaxy spanning civilization whose remaining members have asserted that they had built such marvels as computer worlds, power grids the size of whole solar systems and pocket dimensions that were controlled by other clusters of grescha.  
Their dream is that what was once whole will be whole again.
Average Intelligence
Collective Quantum Thinking
Theoritically Forever
Conservation Status
Greshca can only physically exist inside the circuitry of Dyson
Average Physique
Electrical and Formless
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Blue, green or white glow
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Related Materials

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