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Origin & Source

Pearl People

It is unknown just where this substance came from. All is known is that the pearl people brought it with them when they made contact with old humanity.
None have ever even been found anywhere in Manidweepa either.
Burger King

History & Usage

Everyday use

Incal is used as the cheapest way to produce consciousness transmitters in simulacrum brains.   It is easier for the electronic impulses in the organic brain matter to quickly transfer over to an implanted incal chip from where the stream of consciousness can be beamed elsewhere in the event of an emergency.


Dimensional Dependent Differences

As a simulai, incal can have different properties depending on which side of the opal portal it resides.
Incal possesses super conductive qualities that it retains while on either side of the Opal Portal that is ideal for advance computer processing.   Although, it manifests as a crystalline solid while in Saudha Samudra, it will sort-of melt into a gel-like substance as it moves into Manidweepa. As a consequence, special reinforcements need to be made onto the computer matrices to prevent system collapses.

Manufacturing & Products

Server Matrix

Most known quantities of incal make up Test Theater. It is a greatly overengineered digital environment; with several physically distant modules connected via a secure pearl-built information network.

Reusability & Recycling


All the incal that there is, is all that there will be.
— Bartholomew Ziehm
Incal in densely packed into as much space in the Quarantine Class as possible. There is no place else to get them and they are unreplicable. As a result, many outside entities are constantly picking apart tiny bits of incal away from the overall system for their own projects.




Miniature trusses help in maintaining a three-dimensional storage matrix in the shape of quartz, orbs or gem cut jewelry. These lattice works are particularly important when the item transitions into Manidweepa, otherwise incal would take on its alternative properties that will disrupt the ongoing process happening within it.
Alternative Name
Data Crystal
Non-Renewable Resource
Clear Blue
Related Locations
Related Species
Trireme Class
Vehicle | Jan 1, 2022

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Cover image: Little Blue Slime by Jakkaphat Sookudom


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