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Sapient thoughts of dead people


Shared customary codes and values

Slow Paced Lifestyle

It takes a thousand years for an epsilonian to digest lunch.
— a common joke said about epsilonians
An explanation is attributed to an incredibly slow metabolism. And if this is so, it is impossible to conclusively prove due to the tiny and undissectible nature of an epsilonian.

Common Etiquette rules

Collecting Dignitas

Epsilonians, despite originating from humanity, possess a feeding habit as that of a primitive amoeba.   Their thinking is so slow from their lack of energy and are functionally restrained by the cosmic currents pushing them along opportunities to latch onto stray dignitas fields.

Common Dress code


A synthezoid is an androidlike vehicle that acts a transport or home for one consciousness to inhabit. They are composed of a skeletal frame, sensors and electricity triggered actuators wrapped around a remote system.   Epsilonians are incapable of building suitable bodies themselves and require a corporal being to design and transfer a colony of epsilonians into a single unit to operate.

Birth & Baptismal Rites


Epsilonians are the scattered thoughts and personalities that escape a dying mind. They originate from before when humanity fell under the influence of the pearl people. It is only a vague speculation, but it is accepted that one's thoughts are so infinitesimally small that they naturally move through the veil into Manidweepa to be born.   No matter what a person was in their previous life, they are reembodied as an epsilonian. Still, effectively human, in a meta-corporal form that is equal parts matter and apparition appearing within Manidweepa. No one remembers everything or everyone in their past.

Common Taboos


Epsilonians do not typically self identify with names as the rest of humanity does.   For those who do, do so because they have gained sufficient constitution to interact with more complicated lifeforms. For such epsilonians, it becomes a grave insult indeed to intentionally alter their name with a mocking nickname.


Gender Ideals


Epsilonians are the 'transferred' consciousness of those deceased from any of the "Real Realms".
  But they do not remain whole at the moment of a person's death. They are the scattered thoughts and fragmented actions of peoples past that entered into Manidweepa in very minuet proportions. So not all of what made a person is preserved. They typically resemble tiny pin points of lights.

Relationship Ideals


After millennia upon millennia drifting among the protoplasm, they gain a self-awareness all their own. These stray thoughts will ultimately become the component parts, via the free floating protoplasm, to be recombined into new beings.

Major organizations


Pointilists are the individuals of amalgamated epsilonians who make up a collective form capable of interacting in real-time with the rest of humanity and other more complicated ethereals. While true pointilists have simple protoplasmic bodies, they devote tons of resources towards producing the cheapest talocin for their fellow non-amalgamated espilonians to inhabit as protection against environmental degradation.
1 (-5) 18 (+4) 10 (±0) 1 (-4) 10 (±0) 17 (+3)
Armour Class: 14
HP: 28 ( 8d6 )
Speed: fly 40ft
Skills: Passive Perception +10
  • Can move through targets but takes d10 damage if it ends its turn inside

  • EEV Scale Range
    9.98 - 22.3
    Encompassed species
    Related Locations
    STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
    Armour 2d6
    HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
    Speed 2d10+10 ft
    Material | Oct 3, 2022

    Quotes about Epsilonians

    What is this? A person?
    We have some concerns about the generator sucking in the residents as part of the raw materials.
    These things are not so discernible in the background of Perron Barren.
    Vehicle | Aug 26, 2023

    An artificial demi organic body for minds to slip into and out of like clothes

    Cover image: Willow's End by Oleg leshiy Shekhovtsov


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