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A collection of fused delphi ships from the first hard pull through the opal portal.



Epsilonians are the scattered thoughts and personalities that escape a dying mind. As such they are able to immigrate into Bhulok's circuitry.


The founders and first inhabitants of the digital space in Bhulok and who make up the majority of its residents.


The unwitting physical founders whose disabled ships became the foundation stone of Bhulok's Blasto support.



Consisting of a secretive thetían council who monitor the digital happenings of everyone entering and leaving the virtual side of Bhulok.


Made up of a mix of domestic and international interests represented by Delphi and Alphi groups whose physical space is built over, and in-between, the cables and matrices that carry the digital realm.


Missle Park

Anywhere between 30 to 50 nuclear capable missiles are kept free floating in an evenly spaced regular grid and just within sight of Bhulok.


Bhulok is a largely segregated society.   At its core, is functionally a very large sub-network within the larger virtual thetían cityscape but whose physical safety and security is reliant on ephemeral transmigrants who squeeze through rooms of their servers. Though overtime, 69 outer districts spooling from repurposed quarantine ships have come to service the needs of the organics.


Spool Moons

These satellites are sets of structures circling Bhulok with spars and limbs radiating from the orbital arrays to park and house human ships. Much like with bhulok's center, they are made from repurposed ships and make up the core infrastructure of the outer districts.
Cooperative 1
Cooperative 2
Cooperative 3
  1. Naughty
  2. Returnal
  3. Berkeley
  4. Piazza
  5. Akella
  6. Nintendo
  7. Atari
  8. Monolith
  9. Kalypso
  10. Jaw
  11. Muse
  12. Mango
  13. Retro
  14. Riot
  15. Rockstar
  16. Sega
  17. Respawn
  18. Molecule
  19. Namco
  20. Bungie
  21. Techland
  22. Radical
  23. Rainfall
  24. Hobonichi
  25. Ateam
  26. Pangea
  27. Obsidian
  28. Zynga
  29. Quantic
  30. Guerrilla
  31. Capcom
  32. Housemarque
  33. Doujin
  34. Unreal
  35. Play
  36. Basilisk
  37. Bethesda
  38. Archetype
  39. Ascaron
  40. Nippon
  41. Toho
  42. Jagex
  43. Irem
  44. Hudson
  45. Konami
  46. Krome
  47. Taito
  48. Alcachofa
  49. Akamon
  50. Bitmap
  51. Tokuma
  52. Bethesda
  53. Tangent
  54. Bullfrog
  55. Bondi
  56. Mages
  57. Silicon
  58. Akaoni
  59. Barnhouse
  60. Babaroga
  61. Amnesia
  62. Toei
  63. Crytek
  64. Valve
  65. Xbox
  66. Hal
  67. Juice
  68. Demonware
  69. Lionhead


Hard Pull

Upon first traversing through Miasmic Astral, the crew of the Eurydice unexpectedly disappeared from communications with the rest of the Old Fleet.   Whereby, after some unknown temporal phenomenon had seemed to have 'sped up' the travel schedules of the alphi, the delphi and the thetíans behind them in a great crash that disabled the majority of their respective crafts.


Perron is a desert of ethereal life, leaving it the only territory that could be uncontestedly claimed by the new arrivals.   It is difficult to visually navigate, but is saturated with protoplasm for easy green energy harvesting and a valuable stop for ships and other devices to recharge.

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