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The timeline is part a time folding transportation system popularly suspected to have been built by an ancient ethereal civilization. However, the oldest and wisest of the Crescent leaders, personally theorizes that those who built the trains and tracks are still operating them. They just operate from alternate dimensions.
Where they run is like some far off frontier, just as the deep voids are on either sides of Humanity's Spine.


Time Track

The time track is the pre-determined path that the timeline train takes in its travel.   It is composed of pairs of cigar-like towers or modules arrayed in parallel lines that extend to apparent infinity. The timeline train travels in the space between the cigars, which inturn flash between yellow and purple lights as the trains approach each segment of the track.   The tracks are normally crossable to others looking to bisect the tracks or move alongside it as a guide outside the timeline. However, blue lightning arches along the track's length at the cap ends of the cigars to contrast sharply against the light green of the Perron Barren. The lightning goes through waves of intensity ahead of and behind the approaching timeline and can destroy anything that is too close.

Communication Tools & Systems

Terminus Terminals

Helpfully, there are timetrack maps publically displayed at every station explored, thus far. They clearly showcase a vast network of servicing trains, pick-up and drop-off stations and interconnected routes leading to place without discernible names.   A type of schedule is also identifiable, but only the stops related to the three were in anyway comprehensible. Even though they are written under the same table, the rest of the multi-dimensional routes remain indecipherable.

Hangars & docked vessels


Perron Barren
Geographic Location | Aug 10, 2022
The station closest to the Opal Portal is the most comfortable and taken advantage of by Bhulok's human residents.
Geographic Location | Jan 24, 2023
The exact location to the farmland station is not precisely known.   But stepping outside, one would recognize the misty green farm rows of the Diarchy Of Tie controlled by the Laplwyds here.
Character | Nov 10, 2022
It is the farthest station where human perception still works.   Cloche Station is lived in by an enigmatic figure who warns beings when the next stop would be unnavigable to them.

Infinity Train
Current location
600 Restricted to the Time Track at last count
15.65m per car
Warped Perception
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
25 people per car


We also know that extra dimensional beings use the timeline as a mode of transportation, since we see them all the time.
They can be quiet or loud; come in a variety of misshapen or divinely perfect forms and rarely come off the train.   People can board the train and attempt to interact with the non-human commuters, but there are always some language barriers, annoyed or indifferent reactions or corporeal physics that make communication impossible.

Cover image: Cosmic ship by Dmitrii Ustinov


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Jan 2, 2022 22:58

Oh this is a nice idea, love the way you make it sound a bit mystical on who runs the place. Though now I'm curious if you need a ticket to even board the trains and what it would cost you.

Jan 7, 2022 01:50

I'm trying to work out what a ticket system would be like for posthumans and transhumans who don't actually understand the nature of the actual operators given that many unrelated entities also use the train to go 'who knows where'.   It's the same for cost. What would all the parties involved consider to be commonly valuable?