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Farmland is described as a topopolis or a corkscrew plane that extends to infinatium at either of its ends:

Battle Space

The Taw's Farmland continues into the incredibly dangerous space that has made it far more mountainous than the rest of Farmland.

Perron Barren

The visibility of the Tie Farmland disappears when tried to view coming from the green desert, yet it carries on when travelling from the Tee directly.
No one knows where it ends.



Looking through the tube end, farmland has a one million km wide diameter and a width of 250 million km. Nonantum is the sky that the land wraps around. A variety of classically flying animals and a common route where cargo cuts short rather than travel the spiraling land.

Ecosystem Cycles

Wrinkle Currents

There are several rifts that twist and turn in recognizable patterns around Manidweepa that make certain places physically closer or farther than what they may initially seem.  
This phenomenon may explain why the strand of earth that is 'farmland' appear to go on forever

Localized Phenomena

Harvest Seasons

The three diarchies experience multiple reality waves seasonally that sprout various exotic extradimensional crops that grow in their orchards; even outside of what they intended to grow. The process, in so far as we understand them, can be so random that new species can spontaneously appear.

Fauna & Flora

Supernatural Plants: Due to the colliding paths reality waves make in and around farmland and spawn several harvested species that never existed anywhere before. As a result, they contain random mixes of extra-dimentional atoms that do not normally interact, but collectively produce physics altering effects.  
  1. Lighting Branches
  2. Ternbusties
  3. Space Flowers
  4. Gash Grash
  5. Seedling
  6. Harpoon Root
  7. Spring Bark
  8. Star Thistle
  9. Self Heal
  10. Creeping Vines
  11. Spike Weeds
  12. Milk Vete
  13. Blue Line
  14. Grey Seeds
  15. Musa
  1. Nuuk Nuts
  2. Rucollo
  3. Graft Tree
  4. Hypnobulb
  5. Subconscious Shrubs
  6. Ma'us
  7. Shaddock
  8. Kwano
  9. Konlabos
  10. Swinies
  11. Pomegranates
  12. Sourfruit
  13. Quince
  14. Mangosteen
  15. Ghost Plumes

Natural Resources

Metal Ores: Copper, aluminum, zinc and tin are the most common ores to be found in pockets around the topopolis.

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