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Basic Information

Biological Traits

Streams of Steam

A meridian's default shapes is as a gaseous sphere or when at rest, much like the ocean itself. But when triggered, wisps of a liquidy gas would emerge from the center and coil around a target to swipe portions of normally intangible dignitas away for itself.

Genetics and Reproduction

Integration and Assimilation

When one meridian looks for dignitas to procreate, shards of the preys' personality and values can linger within their offspring and can influence their behaviour before and after the 'game'.

Ecology and Habitats

Murky environments with little visibility appear to be their favourite haunts.

Dietary Needs and Habits


By stealing the dignitas of their prey, meridians can strengthen their own abilities in the spectral realm.   Meridians also feed on these electrical impulses to serve as randomizers used in conjunction with a meridian's collection of previous dignitatic meals for reproduction.

Additional Information

Social Structure


Tribes cohabitate in hunter groups of three to five with mostly nomadic lifestyles, occasionally changing their home, within the misty ocean.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Misty Ocean

The ocean is a sphere of water floating in the Manidweepa salvaged from the hurriedly collected water that poured out with the meridians from the portal that connected to Naaglok.

Average Intelligence


Meridians live in groups that make complicated decisions to adapt their activities to other meridians and their prey.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities


Meridians communicate telepathically and empathically, receiving thoughts and emotions from others while perceiving what others think as they feel it. This is also the means by which they track their prey.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Community Names

For the majority of their early lives, meridians lived fiercely independent lives. Once they start condensing in their tribes, they collectively decide on how they would identify each other and themselves.

Relationship Ideals


Meridians do not procreate through flesh like organic beings. But when they do, how they do it, they emerge in clutches of dozens to hundreds.
After hatching, there is a sibling culling where they hunt and feed for one another's little dignitas, in a long survival game. The entirety of the misty ocean is their arena. The individual serpent-like children start off driven by food seeking instincts before rapidly gaining a greater awareness to design ambushes, strategize attack and devise deceptions.   As they get bigger, the 'game' slows down and they start grouping together in small tribes. At this time, the strongest and most cunning form a pact that recognizes that they are now too dangerous to hunt, so lets become brothers and sisters instead.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Charm Songs

While undoubtedly intelligent, their language is as mysterious to outsiders as a dimension's mitial. In fact, many have started to suspect that their abilities are more intrinsicly tied to their manner of speech than other local species.

Common Taboos

Insulting Relations

Meridians do not have familial relations as we understand it. Because every birth is fathered via electrons torn from biotic or abiotic systems, every meridian is as distinct amongst their own kind as between other species.
The relations that form after the 'game' are the strongest possible. They love each other because they chose to. Meridians do not normally bother communicating with those outside their species as they would not leave their ocean, even for the pursuit of dignitas. But offensive comments directed to one's sibling(s) inspires heighten aggression as if they were insulted.

Common Myths and Legends


The original liquid home of the meridians.
No one knows where the original portal opened, but that's really irrelevant. More than likely, it was a random portal that sucked an unfortunate sampling of the liquid meridians into this other place.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions


A paraphilia by which meridians attract their prey through projected scenario reenactments involving sexual encounters.
Conservation Status
Mahatal Naaglok is a sub-region of Mahatal forbidden to human travelers
Average Physique
No discernable shape.   They are able to alter their size and shift back and forth between being solid to being gaseous.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Melting green and blue film for skin flecked with liquid scales.
Geographic Distribution
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths
Discovered by
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Material | Mar 29, 2022

A physics-defying substance that permeates everywhere in Manidweepa

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