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Burger King

Archivist Burger King (a.k.a. BK)

Divine Symbols & Sigils


Burger's avatar is an old fashion beef sandwich with a miniature bun, an oversized patty and disproportionate condiments in front of a background of starry space with orbiting onions, lettuce and tomato slices.

Mental characteristics


Theater Historian

15 chronological years after the formal end of the Civil War, Burger would attempt to document and catalog the narrative behind the start of the first outposts in Test. How they graduated into proper governments, the ideologies they stood for and how they interacted with each other.
At the time, it was very uncertain just how safe this new frontier even was.   There was this fear that the Pearls left one last monster in the dark, that would automatically reset the entire system if touched or prodded the wrong way. And we'd all be forced back into sleep for another million years.
— Burger King

Accomplishments & Achievements

Commentary on the First Virtual War

Burger was initially an unimportant pilot under the March Corporation (Ticker: Mc) and later reassigned to a newly formed department of "Research and Development" to devise new military tactics for the struggling March. This department: Interesting To Know (Ticker: ITK); established a committee to seek insight during the earliest records of Test conflicts.
In the early years, there were a lot of clashing ideas on what Test Theater should be:
  • Should it be beholden to the mightiest
  • Should it be open and free for every thetían
  Ultimately, as these faction grew their power, they would band together into coalitions for protection against other coalitions and collapse into a state of total war that is now known as the "Test War".
— Burger King
  Though there have since been many of other wars in Test, "the Test War" always refers to the very first one to have been formally declared on the forums. The massive events that took place represent the common human experiences that date far back when those sentient lines of code were still corporeal. The beta period was an era of exploration, where the most daring tentatively stepped into Test to experiment with its limitations.


Propaganda Campaign

The realization that the conflict may have been based on a lie, suddenly recontextualizes the actions of the peoples involved:
  • Turkey: As opposed to being an adept tactical genius, he turns into this grandiose performer who failed upwards.
  • Bobbipin: Rather than being a noble diplomat who deftly navigated a crisis to its best outcome, is instead this fool who inadvertently destroyed her own alliance.
  • Tablet: Instead of being an instigator of the first hate-fueled war in Test Theater, Tablet becomes a sympathetic character who displayed very human reactions at an inopportune time.
Though it has widely been accepted as cannon by the rest, there is a sizable minority within Test who vehemently resist any reinterpretation of the war.   It is notable that much of the war's veterans are those who rebuke King. Seemingly unwilling to revise their motivations and past achievements.
— retrospective on the war

Personality Characteristics


Researching the History of Test Theater

Test Theater is a sandbox arena within the virtual blasto. It takes up the vast majority of Blasto's virtual space and is suitably run on an advance server system for its digital residences.   The setup is regularly likened to outer space, with the equivalent to several thousand star systems and modes of transportation likened to interstellar travel and wormholes.  


Contacts & Relations


by Chami Ryokuroi
(Laughs) I made it up.   I posted whatever I needed to say to my pilots to build a desperate fervor.
— Malaise Turkey
Position: Communist Dictator of Revolution   Motive: Territorial Control over Paramount   Whereabouts: Before being permanently purged (assumedly), Turkey was the CEO of BBB
Quotes about Malaise Turkey
There will be another civil war. We need to focus on newer agendas with fresh partners.
— Frank Bobbipin
In fact, I might argue his misinformation campaign was somewhat unintentional.   Every untruth he uttered was to motive his own side, that the other side also adopted.
Delphi Command
Everything that happened was a game to him. Though he had a reputation as a brutal dictator, in truth, it was all play acting.
— BK

by Chami Ryokuroi
I headed the public relations division.   The right narrative is as vital as anything in both war and peace.
— Frank Bobbipin
Position: Propagandist of Paren't Alliance   Motive: Spread the Free Space Thesis throughout Test Theater   Whereabouts: Frank oversees, sponsors and promotes many small scale media outlets inside and outside of Test
Quotes about Frank Bobbipin
She was a useful tool, but a poor ally.
— Malaise Turkey
Frank proved just how malleable the truth can be.
— Tablet
To this day, she believes the story told. Never once considering she may have been tricked.
— BK

by Chami Ryokuroi
Stories like that are meant to fool the raffles under us. Those who are uncommitted to patrols or have no time to follow proper politics.   Not our peers who should be looking over information themselves, critically. If nothing else, you should know never to believe your own propaganda.   That's something Bobi never learned.
— Tablet
Position: Capitalist King of Verne (Paren't Alliance)   Motive: Generate as much wealth as possible   Whereabouts: During the time of the interview, Tablet headed the engineering corps of Awarful Coalition
Quotes about Tablet
Verne never contributed anything to his side's own defense.
— Frank Bobbipin
He ought to have stuck around. Or at least have told his side of his story.
It appeared to be the ultimate insult. He felt forced into a vulnerable position and his ego couldn’t handle that the vote had happened at all.
— BK

Family Ties


Sardinia was once an underling to both sides during the active fighting. Burger found her while examining his 70 odd interview partners.   After getting her perspective, she was brought on as an aid to sought out the mountains of information Burger had accumulated, while he continued to gather more.

Scatter Pasha

Pasha was a reporter of the Penny Arcade who posted interviews from first hand accounts onto forum archives.   As well, the forum were also where the belligerents announced their intensions, listed out grievances and would be the main way King tracked down people who were influential at the time.
Current Status
Posting findings on the public forums from the Keep
Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Pilot
  • Recruiter
  • Researcher
  • Children
    Current Residence
    Taurus Exodus
    Military Formation | Jun 18, 2022
    Browser: March Ticker: Mc
    Traditional Regions Controlled
    Traditional Allies
    • Stolen Wishes
    • Wall Industries
    Traditional Enemies
    • Cursed Coin
    • Sockpockets
    • Heedless Ambition
    ~ 5,000
    Corporations of Note
    • Interesting To Know
    • Papa Exchange
    • Puma Loco
    • Black Cauldron
    • Dollar Army
    Material | Oct 3, 2022

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