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Blackhole Races



The objective is for racers, starting in a vertical position at the platform's edges, to be the first to drive their off balanced vehicles towards the center of the platform by running several times around the circumference before their crafts are tilt totally horizontally in a crash.  
Different inflatable balloons of various sizes would be casually thrown onto the platform to land where they may to run along the same path of as the hyperwheels. Eventually, they would collide and knock over the tall hyperwheels which will disqualify them from winning.   Additionally, there are peculiar attachments or techniques that can hinder rival wheels or cause them to fall over.

Components and tools

Blackhole Platform

The racing platform is a funnel where the unpowered hyperwheel rolls around the funnel's curved circumference and slowly winds its way to its center. As the wheel rolls around the funnel, it gains speed so that by the time it reaches the funnel's exit, it has rotated from the original vertical orientation at the starting line to horizontal at the end.  

Hyper Wheels

The vehicles by which the racers operate have no self-generating power on their own. They are towed into position by tugs and gravity or thrust gravity offers its forward momentum depending on if its a terrestrial or orbital track.
The uni-wheel is the hyperwheels' comically oversized wheel that bares the weight and balance of the device.
Carriage Pod
The driver's compartment is perched more than halfway off the ground via an exceedingly long brace connected to the uni-wheel's center.


Ethnicity | Apr 18, 2022

Cybernetically enhanced clones trapped in stigmatized bodies

Servants and contractors who act as the maintenance crew for the hyperwheels.


The races have a defined season: 100 races spanning 10 months. In the intervening time, the most popular racers would be contracted for corporate sponsorship and product promotional deals.
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Cover image: Solaris: Hyper Wheel by Jose Borges


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