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Star Couple



Wanda and Vanda are a couple unlike any other. They have been together for eons, with their love only seeming to grow stronger with each passing cycle. They are both immortals, blessed with the gift of eternal life.   But Vanda's immortality came with a cost. Every thousand years, he would go through a cycle of birth and death. He would revert to a baby, grow into a beautiful young man, and then slowly age until reaching the end of his life. And then, the cycle would start all over again.   Wanda loved Vanda deeply, and it was distressing to watch him go through this cycle over and over. But she knew that this was just the way things were, and she vowed to be there for Vanda every step of the way.   So she watched over Vanda as he grew from a newborn into a young man, always there to protect and care for him as a mother would. And when Vanda's time finally came, Wanda would hold him to her breast as he took his last breath and turned once again.   And so it went, for centuries upon centuries. Wanda and Vanda, an immortal couple bound together by love and the cycle of life and death. They knew that they would be together forever, through every birth and every death, until the end of time itself.

Historical Basis


The flashlights are a binary star system where one star (Vanda) feeds into the other (Wanda), causing both to pulse in changing colours. While Wanda otherwise remains the same size, Vanda undergoes cycles where it imperceptibly shrinks in size, as its gases and outer plasma layer escape its pull into a aurora-like arm that streams into Wanda's orbit, before its internal pressure re-equalizes and Vanda expands again to its previous size.   And then it starts again.


Light Lattice

Different versions of this tale are told and retold for entertainment value throughout the different human colonies along the pipeline.   Amongst the pantheons, however, the different types of adaptations are banned depending on what political ideology is being criticized at the time.

Variations & Mutation


In one version, Wanda and Vanda are antagonistic with Wanda regularly stealing from Vanda.


In one version, Wanda actively feeds on Vanda's energy like a cosmic vampire.


In one version, Wanda and Vanda have a business relationship where they exchange protection for strategy with the other stars.

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