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Dwolman is a mysterious asteroid that travels in-between the obits of the Þeodcwéne and their accompanying planets and moons.  
It is not a single piece of rock, but a collection loosely affilated asteriods composed of similar metallic ore that reflects all scanning techniques.

Localized Phenomena


Dwolman has proven impossible to track. Its dark purplish visage can only be tracked visually at any given moment.
  • Due to the celestial bodies in orbit in the theodqueyne heliosphere, dwolman's orbit gets randomly rerouted and ping ponged between them.
  • When dwolman is plunging towards the suns, it reflects the sunlight auras that disguises any profile that might be discovered otherwise.
  • The material colouration and physical properties that make up dwolman allow it to blend into the background of space.


Cycler Crew

It is strongly suspected that gangs of raiders use the asteriod as a hideout for their operations.
How exactly they found it initially or how they can apparently relocate it again and again as part of their escape is a complete mystery.
I don't doubt that dwolman exists. But I'm not convinced that some scrap strapped minors could ever have such mastery over it.

Alternative Name(s)
Location under
Related Ethnicities
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Classification Details
Mass Unknown
Radius Irregular
Density Unknown
Surface Temperature
Surface Gravity Uncertain
Escape Velocity
Speed Uncertain
Distance Variable
Rotational Period Variable
Orbital Period Irregular
Obliquity High
Composition Unsubstantiated
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

A ridge social hierarchy passed through family and defined by body castes

Cover image: Asteroid Field by Roman Likholob


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