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Portal Alley


Portal alley is an hourglass shaped bend in manidweepa space. It is criss-crossed with mulitpe wrinkle currents that make navigating exceedingly complicated.


Wrinkle Currents

There are several rifts that twist and turn in recognizable patterns around Manidweepa that make certain places physically closer or farther than what they may initially seem.

Localized Phenomena

Probabilistic Portals

Unlike with the larger portal gates, the portals that appear in the alley are entirely probabilistic. Probabilistic portals open and close at random in one direction to other dimensions or, more commonly, to other places within the same dimension. They are approximately 10 ft in diameter and last for only 1 round before closing.
Succeed on a DC 15 Fortitude save or be shaken for 1d6 rounds upon arrival
There is also a risk of scale variation, in the rare instances a portal takes one to an alternate dimension. That is, there is a notable discrepancy between the size of things in the new environment and PCs, which is simulated by offsetting their size; as shown in the table.  
Atal Lok and Vital Lok
Gates that lead to the mineral rich realms from which great wealth spills forth.
Size Category Size Modifier Speed Multiplier Damage Scale
Fine -8 x0.16 1
Diminutive -4 x0.33 1d2
Tiny -2 x0.5 1d3
Small -1 x0.66 1d4
Medium 0 x1 1d6
Large +1 x1.33 1d8
Huge +2 x2 2d6
Gargantuan +4 x2.66 3d6
Colossal +8 x3.33 4d6

Natural Resources

Hafa: Small simulai gems most often found naturally coated in protoplasm whilst adrift in the space.


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