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Transmission & Vectors

The process of coming into being. It describes when an inanimate object spontaneously gains sentience while floating in the other space, away from other sentient life   An remote controlled drone would suddenly take on an insectold appearance and scamper away, ignoring its orders. A drill would begin acting like a snake and coil its cord around the hand using it. A thick bulky suit could split open at the seams, sprouting teeth, and consume the person inside.



Dignitas exists as a thin imperceptible that accumulates around a person's body as they gain life experiences. The greater the diversity of experience one encounters, the stronger their dignitas. Only living things can gain dignitas.   Ergo, any object not either within a person's dignitatic aura or thoroughly infused with protoplasm; will take on animal characteristics and rome their new environment while producing an aura that stops emergence from continuing.



The Honorius is an infamous example of emergence.   Emergence had kept happening on a small scale when the Alphi had first stranded themselves in the Perron Barren.   The ship had been built in the Miasmic Astral then moved through the portal to better explore the space.
Thirty minutes later, it morphed into a mechanical leviathan:
  • Its engines burst forth and elongated into tentacles
  • Its long halls became intestines that digested the confused crews
  • Nuts and bots grew legs of the own and crawled about the interior and exterior like parasites
  • The reactor began pulsating erraticly like a quickening heart
  • The bridge crumpled and twisted and left a circle pattern at the former ship's crown that resembled an eye
  • Cultural Reception

    Thetían Shielding

    Thetíans value the alternate physics in Manidweepa as it is somewhat reminiscent of their reality bending abilities in Blasto. So there is not as much of an adaptation in the transition.   In addition, their streams of consciousness also provide a dignitatic aura. And without a body, these auras collectively wrap themselves around a machine they may inhabit.   For this reason, many thetían modules are pressed into the hulls of private vessels to provent them from mutating into mechanical fish.
    Protoplasmic Infusion
    Condition | Dec 11, 2022

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