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Forbidden Portals

23. Door

Satyalok (say-t-yah-lowk)

Satyalok is perceived as an entrance to the fabled 'Line Dimension' from where the Laplwyds hailed. However, no one remembers where it is. It is not even certain if it is a permanent portal or one that appears and disappears at random.
Such a dual-vector portal might be paper thin and emit weak gravitational waves as to be detectable.
— Loquent of Tee
Fantasists continue to speculate that should such a portal exist, it might be incredibly small or be moving at the speed of light. It is difficult to imagine what the transition to a lower dimension would look like from an observer's perspective: as the 3D space collapsed towards the portal center, an object would appear to multiply as it takes up a lot of area in a vague outline of what it was before.  

Anandlok (an-and-lowk)

A rare secret portal that purportedly leads to a higher dimension of transcended Ethereals. Many are convinced that it exists but it is impossible to prove, given the dire conditions surrounding the Titan's Path.  

Mahatal-Naaglok (ma-haar-tal-naag-lowk)

There is no certainty that Naaglok is an ongoing portal or even if it was ever real. It gained its great notoriety, an incredibly long time ago, when an ungodly amount of water flooded out of Rasatal that eventually collected together into Thalatta. However, this appears to have been a random one time event insofar as the dinos are aware.
But beings, who are even more ancient, attest that a similar deluge happened before the Thalatta Flood that forced through a trio of pre-meridian creatures.
— Time Mage

Maharlok (ma-haar-lowk)

A permanent portal that leads to an alternate reality to our own: Saudha Samudra. Save for being populated with Mahar versions of some recognizable people. It is more often that people from Maharlok would cross over to Saudha Samudra, rather than the other way around, to cause mischief or explore.  

Gyanlok (g-yan-lowk)

Gyanlok is sometimes called a 'demi-portal' as it leads to a space between spaces, rather than to a proper dimension. It is uniquely attuned to the city of Swarglok that itself lies out-of-phase between Manidweepa and Anandlok.

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