Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir

Pronunciation: FINN-lee SLAN-ah-WHO-dge

(a.k.a. Finn; The Lost Prince; The True Prince)

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I’m sorry, do we really need a history lesson?” Caillte breaks in, and Amaladh stumbles, his hand trembling.
“Unfortunately, yes, Caillte. History isn’t as far away as it seems, and there are things that you don’t know. For example, the Captain of the Royal Guard was charged with protecting the Crown Prince that night. And he did. The prince is alive, and has been slowly working to take back his kingdom ever since.”
— OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 22


Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir is the only surviving member of The Slánaitheoir Royal Family after the tragedy of The First Great Dynastic Shift. While his survival was merely a hopeful rumor (much like those surrounding the Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia here on Earth) for years, it is revealed in book one of OUTSPOKEN that he did, in fact, escape. He plans to take the kingdom back for the sake of his family and his people, but he must walk a perilous line between bringing forces to his side and remaining hidden until he has the power to strike, as anyone from The New Order or the Allies of the Traitor King would kill him if they learned he was still alive.

Most of his life has been spent in hiding, either seeking asylum and support in The Kingdom of Coimeádach, working alongside the commoners of Éirigh as a nomad, or shoring up support from his people.

Early Years

Finn grew up in The Royal Palace of Éirigh, receiving the best education available. As the Crown Prince, he followed in his father's footsteps, learning how to navigate the world of Nobles and foreign ambassadors with all the enthusiasm you might expect from a rowdy young school boy. His mind was mostly filled with mastering swordsmanship and falconry, or roughhousing with his friends, but his love for his family showed in his commitment to improving his ability to speak in The Language of Hands for his mother.

At the age of 8, during the yearly Festival of Samhain, he first met Laird Breith Sadach. Their friendship blossomed quickly, and by year's end, he had chosen the young Breith as his Squire. Five years later, Breith would save Finn's life when a foolhardy training exercise nearly caused him to drown. This act won Breith a knighthood, and from that moment forward, they were as close as brothers. In fact, over the following years Finn played the perfect wingman, and eventually convinced his father to grant Breith his sister's hand in marriage.

As a young adult, Finn spent as much time as he could with Breith and his sister, eventually becoming the most joyful uncle ever seen. He showed great promise as a Crown Prince with his natural gift for public speaking and ability to inspire those beneath him to action, and while his ideas were often laughed at, many believed that he would become the next great King of Éirigh.

Escape from The First Great Dynastic Shift

The First Great Dynastic Shift occurred when Finn was 28. The Prince was sound asleep in his chambers when the attack began, and would have been slain with the rest of his family if it hadn't been for the quick thinking and bravery of Sir Éalaigh Casey, the Captain of The Royal Guard. Sir Casey had been assigned to guard his chambers that night, and was able to sneak the Crown Prince away through the secret Palace Catacombs. By morning, they had reached Sir Casey's home in The Royal City, where he entrusted the Prince's escape to his eldest son Dílis. Finn, Dílis, and the remainder of Sir Casey's family fled the city as word of King Máirtín I's successful attack spread like wildfire.

After weeks of traveling by night and hiding during the day, they finally made it to the small town of Muintir, where Sir Casey had distant family. They helped hide the Prince until things settled down, planning to bring him to Laird and Lady Sadach when it was safe. But as the upheaval raged on, Finn received word of Laird Sadach's actions following his family's death, and hesitated. He hoped that his friend was merely protecting Lady Trua and young Sinè with his actions, but when news reached him that Laird Sadach had willingly given Lady Trua up to King Máirtín, he knew his friend was too far gone, and to turn to him would never be safe.

After a year of hiding, Finn made it across the eastern border of Éirigh with the help of Uchtach Cathasach, Teolaí Dochtuir, and the rest of the people of Muintir. It took months of struggling through the mountains, accompanied only by young Dílis, before Finn made it to the Palace of Coimeádach, where he claimed political asylum.

Years of Hiding

Finn spent four years in Coimeádach, grieving the loss of his family and country and trying to find a path forward. During this time, he learned of The Burning of Muintir. Among the dead were Dílis's remaining family members, and the two grew close through their heartache. With Dílis's support, he eventually made up his mind to take his rightful place as King of Éirigh, vowing to free his people from the reign of such a tyrant. Feelings gradually developed between he and Dílis, but in the conservative courts of Coimeádach, they were forced to keep their love for one another a secret.

During this time, Finn bargained with King Jonathan V, begging for support to take his kingdom back. Eventually, King Jonathan agreed that he would supply half the troops and funds for Finn's conquest, with two conditions: first, that Finn must prove he had enough support from his people to gain the other half before any aid would be supplied, and second, that if Finn were successful, he would take the Princess Mary of Coimeádach as his wife, joining their kingdoms in a lasting peace and partnership. With no other option available to him, Finn agreed, causing a painful rift between himself and Dílis.

They soon returned to Éirigh, where Finn struck up a timid correspondence with his niece, Lady Sinè Sadach, hoping that she would be willing to help him. She responded quickly, and helped direct him to the villages on her father's lands where he was most likely to be received with warmth. They soon became confidantes, and it wasn't long before Finn learned of the striking change in Laird Sadach's character, his plots to overthrow the monarchy, and of the abuse Sinè had endured at his hands. For some time, Finn and Dílis hid out in the tiny village of Ceapach, learning what intelligence they could from Sinè, working as farm hands to pay their way, and forming a plan. It was this time in Ceapach that helped Finn realize the oppressiveness at work in The Feudal Alliance System, and became motivated to tear it down if he should become King.

Sinè proved a valuable ally and skillful strategist, and after four long years of carefully finding and secretly gathering those that were sympathetic to him and his cause, he finally had enough support to send a small band of supporters to infiltrate Laird Sadach's castle and free Sinè (See: Plot to Kidnap Lady Sinè Sadach). After this failed attempt, Finn had no choice but to bide his time, continuing to grow his forces and support her from afar as she fed him information on her father's dealings.

Eight long, hard years later, after establishing his hideout in the Woods of Escaine, Sinè's communications suddenly ceased entirely. Out of fear for her safety, and the need to know what The New Order was doing, it was decided that Dílis (under the alias of Sir Dílis Amaladh) would attempt to infiltrate Laird Sadach's Order. While Finn was reluctant to send his beloved friend on such a dangerous mission, Dílis argued that he was the only one likely to be accepted to the Order, and the only person that could be trusted with such a task.

End of Book One

Finn continued to build The Order of the Green Cloak, walking the razor's edge between getting the support he needs and being discovered too soon, and finally succeeded in meeting the requirements for King Jonathan V's conditions. Dílis found Sinè alive but kept under lock and key for reasons unknown, and took up her mantel of informant for as long as he could, relying on the help of Lucian "Deordhan" Cathasach and Caillte Dochtuir. As the winter came to an end, Finn received two shocking communications on a single evening: a devastating letter from Sinè that drove him to break her free immediately, and news from Dílis that The New Order was preparing to launch their attack.

Finn himself took the risk of riding out for this rescue attempt, and with the help of Lady Meg Beygar, Lucian, Caillte, and Dílis, Lady Sinè was finally free from her father. However, when the rescue attempt took a disastrous and tragic turn, it was necessary for the entire group to escape to Finn's hideout.

Worse yet, with these new political players at work, King Jonathan V has refused to send the aid he promised until the situation has become clearer, forcing Finn to bide his time while the kingdom burns around him.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

He has a strong and chiseled physique, with the broad shoulders and noble facial structure of a king, but after years of hiding and working as a commoner, it takes a sharp eye to notice. While his regal bearing remains, a thick layer of hard-working mortality has marred it nearly beyond recognition. Quite intentionally, he could be anyone beneath his common clothes and calluses. But if you know who he really is, his sharp eyes, brilliant smile, thunderous laugh, and resounding, passionate voice are unmistakable.

Apparel & Accessories

As he is in hiding, he wears the clothes of a commoner. Simple, earthy colors, built for hard labor in the fields. However, when The Order of the Green Cloak make themselves known, he takes up the deep, forest green cloak of his family's crest.

Mental characteristics


Pansexual, but mostly closeted after fleeing to The Kingdom of Coimeádach after the death of his family

Personality Characteristics


To take back his kingdom and provide the peace, stability, and order that his people need. As he has lived as one of his people while in hiding, he has come to understand the conditions they are forced to live in, and longs to rebuild The Kingdom of Éirigh as a place where his citizens have what they need for a comfortable life. Breaking from tradition, he wishes to dispose of the Feudal Alliance System and create a kingdom of equals.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is a fantastic and charismatic talker, but poor with strategy. While he can easily connect with people of every class, and is seen as an immensely charming and trustworthy figure, he struggles to understand how to lead, rule, or speak the language of war and legality.

Vices & Personality flaws

He uses an overabundance of energy and joy to cope with the burden of responsibility on his shoulders. Because of this, he isn't always taken seriously, and he has not dealt with his own inner demons.


Contacts & Relations

Only living member of The Slánaitheoir Royal Family.
Allies with King Jonathan V of Coimeádach.
Contacts and supporters throughout the commoners and some lesser Lairds of Éirigh.

Family Ties

Son to King Slánaitheoir IV (deceased).
Son to Queen Armóin Slánaitheoir (deceased).
Brother to Lady Trua Sadach (deceased).
Brother to Young Prince Donán Slánaitheoir (deceased).
Uncle to Lady Sinè Sadach.


Prone to breaking out in song or uplifting speeches in order to cover his own terror and existential dread.


Rich, deep, and enchanting -- if a bit overbearing, at times. He might remind you of those annoyingly charming but cocky cis men you knew in high school at first, but his sincerity and desperation to make the world a better place shine through in the end. I tend to picture Mark Antony from Act II Scene III of Shakespeare's JULIUS CAESAR or Gatsby from F. Scott Fitzgerald's THE GREAT GATSBY when he speaks.


Princess Mary of Coimeádach

Betrothed (Important)

Towards Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir


Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir

Betrothed (Vital)

Towards Princess Mary of Coimeádach


Wealth & Financial state

He has no wealth of his own, but is backed by the Kingdom of Coimeádach should he successfully gather enough support within Éirigh, and is supported by a string of towns and villages. Most notably, Ceapach. In addition, his hideout in the Woods of Escaine is able to provide for himself and his closest supporters.

Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Prince (displaced)
Previously Held Ranks & Titles
Steel gray and haunted
Long, black, and tightly braided; usually pulled back into a loose bun
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
A deep, rich brown with copper undertones
6' 2"
Aligned Organization
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