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Allies of the Traitor King


The Allies of the Traitor King are those that have withstood Laird Breith Sadach's attempts to coerce them to stand with The New Order. Many of these Lairds were granted their lands and titles by King Máirtín I during the aftermath of The First Great Dynastic Shift, and are driven either by loyalty to the crown, or simply by fear that attempting to end the monarchy would only destroy the newfound peace of the kingdom without truly changing anything. However, the Allies of the Traitor King assumed that Laird Sadach would not act without all of the kingdom's Lairds on his side. When his plans to have the New Order take them out one by one became clear, they found themselves little prepared for battle, struggling to survive the pressure of his immense resources.


The King, ruler over all Éirigh, is at the helm. Beneath him are the Lairds that remain loyal allies, followed by their people and tenants.


The Allies of the Traitor King hold to the idea of a monarchy, and believe that upsetting this balance will only disturb the tentative peace that has only recently fallen on the Kingdom after The First Great Dynastic Shift.

Public Agenda

To defend King Máirtín and the Máirtín Royal Family, as the Lairds have always been tasked to do.


The his wealth, assets, and personal order of each Laird that is a member, along with The Royal Guard and all the nobles and various citizenry of the Royal City.


Most of the Lairds that remain Allies to the Traitor King were given their Lairdship by King Máirtín I, excepting Laird Beygar and Laird Tremaine, after The First Great Dynastic Shift. The rise of The New Order is the first time they have been called upon to act.

that torn down re-grows

Kingdom of Éirigh
The Kingdom of Éirigh (Pronunciation: EYE-ruh) is where the plot of OUTSPOKEN takes place. Featuring a temperate and oceanic climate and surrounded by sheer mountains, this land of greenery and scenic views might remind you of the Northern Isles of Scotland here on Earth, with a much rockier political atmosphere.

Select "Political Alignments" from the layers drop down in the upper right corner above to see which Lairds are secretly a part of the New Order (shaded in blue).
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Training Level
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Loyalists, Máirtínists
Leader Title
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Related Ranks & Titles
Neighboring Nations

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