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Laird Togha Tremaine

Laird Togha Tremaine

"Laird Tremaine is a fine man, and he treats her well, but the moment they were married, she knew she had made a mistake. Their marriage was little more than a business arrangement, and she tried for years to make it grow into something more, but...”
-- OUTSPOKEN, Book One, Chapter 16


There is little to be said for Laird Tremaine, but that he is a fine, even tempered, wealthy man that refuses to pick sides or hold opinions -- unless they be in regards to the proper translation of any ancient text. The world could be on fire around him, and he would likely be too caught up in his reading to notice. He holds to tradition, maintains the family business of exporting fashionable garments known the Kingdom over for their quality, and is recognized for little else. If you are looking for an argument in etymology, a discussion of smart business, or the blandest model of nobility in Éirigh, he's your man. Otherwise, you'll only know him as the husband of the flirtatious Lady Sarah Tremaine.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

There really isn't much reason to identify Laird Tremaine, unless you need a good clerk or wish to start a book club. But should you desire to find him, you'll want to look for the human embodiment of soggy white bread in understated but finely made clothing. You'll usually find him with his nose in a book, in a corner daydreaming, or bent over a stack of Royal charters for the fine clothing his lands produce -- if you can get past his wife trying to romance you in her desperation for anything exciting.

Apparel & Accessories

Unless you are one of the few nobleman that does not depend on his lands for your finest garments, you'll find him in a clean, understated get up that frames him well without adding much color to his beige personality.

Personality Characteristics


To maintain his family name, keep the Lairds on his borders happy, and avoid rocking the boat.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He is incredibly book smart, and has been taught all his life how to be the perfect noble. Unfortunately, he is an immensely boring man that prefers the company of academic works to that of any human being, and rarely has anything to contribute to a conversation outside of business matters.

Vices & Personality flaws

He remains neutral in all things in order to maintain the family business, and is so obsessed with this need to remain detached that he has little passion for anything.


Family Ties

Husband to Lady Sarah Tremaine. Son to Laird Umhal Tremaine (deceased) and Lady Géilliúil Tremaine.


He is the very model of a modern minor nobleman, and could easily be replaced with a cardboard cutout.


He is soft spoken, when he speaks at all.


Laird Togha Tremaine

Son in Law (Important)

Towards Laird Aleck Beygar


Laird Aleck Beygar

Father in Law (Vital)

Towards Laird Togha Tremaine



Laird Beygar, seeking to better his daughter's life, offered to make Laird Tremaine the heir to his estate as dowery for Sarah's hand in marriage. Laird Tremaine, however, had been raised to look down on the Beygar family as a poor example of nobility. Seeing Laird Tremaine's reluctance at the offer, Laird Beygar sweetened the pot by proposing he act as an ambassador to Laird Sadach. Upon winning a regular charter of clothing and goods for Laird Tremaine, the marriage was arranged. While neither has great affection for the other, their connection through Sarah has made them strong allies.

Lady Sarah Tremaine

Wife (Vital)

Towards Laird Togha Tremaine



Laird Togha Tremaine

Husband (Trivial)

Towards Lady Sarah Tremaine



Wealth & Financial state

Though he resides over one of the smaller regions of the kingdom, his family has always been among the upper echelons of society due to their primary export. The Tremaine lands have been known across generations for the garments they produce, and nearly every noble in the kingdom turns to them for their most fashionable finery. With the sharp business sense drilled into him from a young age, and an advanced education, Laird Tremaine and his family enjoy a very comfortable life.
Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Honorary & Occupational Titles
Currently Held Titles
The Blandest Shade of Gray
Long, black, and clean shaven
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
The pale white of a pampered upbringing
5' 7"
Aligned Organization
Togha = TAH-wuh; Tremaine = treh-MAIN

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