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  The Lairds are the primary rulers of the Kingdom of Éirigh, similar to the Clan leaders of Feudal Scotland or a head of state government in the US on Earth. They operate as landlords, collecting rents (or taxes) from the Tenants of their lands, which are then split between themselves and the King. Every Laird (or Lady) has an Order, which carries out their will, defends their lands, and ensures that the will of the King is obeyed throughout the lands.
Every Laird must pledge their allegiance to the King, and swear that they will be his ally in all acts of politics and war, before officially taking their station. Under the King, they hold more political power than anyone in the kingdom, and typically the richest Lairds are calling the shots throughout the kingdom outside of wartime. Some Lairds (like Laird Cúltaca Murchadha) have excellent relations with their Tenants, while others (like Laird Breith Sadach) are far more tyrannous.


A Laird must be of marrying age, and be willing to pledge their alliance to the King in all things. A Laird can be born of any class, but they most commonly come from nobility.


The Lairds are selected by the King, typically after an act of service to the crown that proves their loyalty and ability to lead. It is not uncommon for for a Noble to receive a Lairdship upon marriage to one of the lesser members of The Royal Family. It is rare that a woman is given a Lairdship, but not unheard of. However, if a Laird dies without an heir, his widow may take up his position. Additionally, a Laird is free to choose a daughter as his heir. A female Laird is typically referred to as a Lady, and may retain her position even after marriage if her husband agrees. There has never been a nonbinary Laird, but there have been binary trans Lairds.


Representing the King as they interface with his people.


The Lairds of Éirigh are responsible for defending their lands, supporting the King in any political or military actions, and ruling over the Tenants living on their lands in accordance with the rules of the kingdom.


The Lairds are the most powerful political heads in the kingdom besides the King. They are supported by rents (or taxes) paid by their Tenants, at rates they set. They are the only land owners in the kingdom excepting the King, and the amount of land they reside over is attached to the region they are given to govern. Typically, the size of their land is directly equivalent to the amount of their wealth, with rare exceptions.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

A Laird can be stripped of their lands and title at any time by the King, which is somewhat uncommon but certainly not unheard of. The most common reasons for removal are rumors of treachery to the crown, the lack of a viable heir, or the King's disapproval of a Laird's treatment of his people. Less commonly, a Laird may fail to properly defend his lands, putting the kingdom's border at risk, and be replaced by a stronger strategist or ally.


The title came with the foundation of the kingdom, which created The Feudal Alliance System.
Kingdom of Éirigh
The Kingdom of Éirigh (Pronunciation: EYE-ruh) is where the plot of OUTSPOKEN takes place. Featuring a temperate and oceanic climate and surrounded by sheer mountains, this land of greenery and scenic views might remind you of the Northern Isles of Scotland here on Earth, with a much rockier political atmosphere.
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Quick Facts

Nobility, Household
In Effect
Form of Address
Laird; m'Laird; my Laird
Alternative Naming
Lady (rare)
Source of Authority
Length of Term
Passed down through families, unless the King chooses to strip a family of their lands.
Past Holders
Reports directly to
Related Military Formations

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