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The King of Éirigh is the political head and ruler of the kingdom.


The eldest child (or heir chosen by the King) of The Royal Family is coronated when the reigning King dies, or otherwise elects to pass the title on. Should there be no eligible heir at the time of the King's death, the Lairds are called upon to choose the next king. There has been only one exception to this rule, King Máirtín I, who took the crown by force, and coerced ratification from the Lairds by either replacing or subduing them after.


To manage foreign affairs, act as a power check to the Lairds on their lands, and lead the kingdom.


Maintain the peace treaties along the borders, keep up a fair system of international trade, and keep the Lairds in check.


The Royal Palace of Éirigh as your home, The Royal Guard to protect you, your share of taxes collected by the Lairds, and all the comfort and riches a King would expect.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Each Royal Family brings with them their family crest, which bedecks the palace and family at all times. The King is rarely seen without the crown, and a cape or cloak emblazoned with the family crest.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

The only way a King has been removed in Éirigh's history is through war. However, in theory, the Lairds have the power to unanimously vote to remove a King if they deem his behavior to be unseemly. This can only occur if all the Lairds agree, and it is their responsibility to select the next King, as well as handle any resistance a reticent King may put up.


At the founding of Éirigh, a collection of allied Lairds came together to create a Kingdom, hoping to protect their lands from the bordering kingdoms that had begun to attack them, and selected King Slánaitheoir I as their leader. As a team, they protected the kingdom, and created The Feudal Alliance System that continues to this day largely unchanged, despite the ties between the King and the Lairds growing distant over the generations.

Notable Holders

King Slánaitheoir I, the first King of Éirigh, who forged the peace treaties along the border still in effect today (though weakening).
King Máirtín I, the first King to take the kingdom by force.

Quick Facts

Nobility, Hereditary
In Effect
Form of Address
Your Majesty (formal m'Lord (informal)
Source of Authority
Originally his people. Since the position's founding, it has been hereditary or the spoils of war.
Length of Term
No limits.
Current Holders
Past Holders
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