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The Slánaitheoir Royal Family


The Slánaitheoir family were the first and longest lasting Royal Family of the Kingdom of Éirigh. They were beloved by most, and seen as incredibly trustworthy. Slánaitheoir Kings were often referred to as "the King for the everyman" for how they defended even the lowest classes of their kingdom. Their leadership created a peace that lasted for generations, both amongst The Court of Lairds and through peace treaties forged with the bordering kingdoms. But in the reign of King Slánaitheoir IV, the growing disparity between the classes and the resentment of King Máirtín I for being stripped of his Lairdship lead to the tragedy of The First Great Dynastic Shift.

It was believed that the entire Slánaitheoir family was wiped out the night of the attack, excepting Lady Trua Sadach, the wife of Laird Breith Sadach. A few months later, she was voluntarily given into the custody of King Máirtín I, and died a few years later. There are rumors that she is the real mother of King Máirtín II, though they have never been confirmed.

In Book One of OUTSPOKEN, it is revealed that there was another survivor of the Slánaitheoir family, Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir, who is currently raising the forces he needs to take back his rightful throne.


During the Slánaitheoir family reign, the King was still the head of the family, but the Queen and the Crown Prince often held a great deal of power and responsibility. It was common for Slánaitheoir Queens to act as equal partners to their King, and their word was just as highly respected. The Crown Prince was expected to act as either Clerk or Captain to the King from the age of 20 until their coronation, often taking on more of the King's responsibilities as he aged. The family was very closely knit, and worked together to lead the kingdom.


Historians will someday look back on the Slánaitheoir family's reign as a golden age of the kingdom, filled with peace and pleasant relations between the Royal Family and their people. Despite the upper and lower classes drifting further apart, the Slánaitheoir family was trusted and beloved by most of their kingdom, making The First Great Dynastic Shift the most tragic event in the kingdom's history.

Public Agenda

To defend the rights of their people, and maintain peace throughout the lands, both among the Lairds and along the kingdom's borders.


The wealth and support of their Nobles and The Court of Lairds, The Royal Palace of Éirigh, and everything held within The King's Lands.


 King Slánaitheoir I is recognized as the founder of Éirigh, and his family ruled the kingdom until The First Great Dynastic Shift in 1475, when they were apparently wiped out by The Máirtín Royal Family. Most believe that the only survivor was Lady Trua Sadach, who died in the custody of King Máirtín I. It is rumored that King Máirtín II is secretly her son.

However, it is revealed in Book One of OUTSPOKEN that there was another survivor, Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir, who is set on winning back his rightful place as King.


The Slánaitheoir family's reign was officially ended in 1475, after The First Great Dynastic Shift.


The Slánaitheoir family created and was protected by The Royal Guard and The Royal Navy, as well as the Orders of their Lairds. That is, until King Máirtín I coerced the allegiance of much of the Royal Guard to aid him in stealing the crown.


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They Royal Family; The True King
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