The King's Lands


The King's Lands are located at the heart of Éirigh, and encompass everything within the Woods of Escaine, including The Royal Palace of Éirigh and The Royal City. These lands are the only property owned and ruled directly by the King.


The King's Lands are surrounded by the ancient Woods of Escaine. These woods are reminiscent of the famous Redwoods here on Earth, with trees the size of small homes. At the founding of the kingdom, the heart of this forest was carved out to make room for the Royal City. From the edge of the forest inward, you will find rings of every class in the kingdom. First are the ramshackle households of Tenants seeking shelter or asylum. Next come the merchants, family residences of The Royal Guard, and lesser Nobles of the kingdom, in sturdy homes often made of stone and mortar. After that is the wealthiest center ring, where the most valued Nobles reside in elegant, ornately designed and decorated homes made of sheer faced stone.

In the very center of the King's Lands rests the Palace, separated from the Royal City by a stretch of stunning gardens and a great wall.


The King's Lands were created when the kingdom was first founded, and the central rings have remained largely unchanged since then, with the exception of growing more ornate. The outermost ring of the Royal City has continued to extend further into the Woods of Escaine, with the residences on the edges becoming more and more decrepit -- especially under the reign of The Máirtín Royal Family.


Under the reign of The Slánaitheoir Royal Family, the King's Lands were truly a dazzling sight to behold, and drew a constant stream of visitors both on behalf of business and for reasons of pleasure. They were known for throwing incredible balls and other various celebrations, with the greatest draw being the magnificent Festival of Samhain every year. Under the reign of The Máirtín Royal Family, the The Royal Palace of Éirigh has been all but completely closed off.

Outside of political dealings, the King's Lands are the center of fashion, with the grandest and wealthiest merchants of the kingdom surrounding the Palace. Nobles from far and wide frequent the city in search of the finest garments, cuisine, and more.

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