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King Máirtín I

King Fealltóir Máirtín I (a.k.a. The Traitor King)


The Traitor King Máirtín I is responsible for the horrific events of The First Great Dynastic Shift, and is known for his cruelty, paranoia, and hot temper. From a very young age, he was an ambitious man, and his delicate balance of charm, brute force, and flaring passions has always made him dangerous. He is the only King in Éirigh's history to have taken the crown by force, but when peace returned, he had no idea what to do with it. He died in the winter of 1492, succumbing to the weight of his own insecurity and leaving naught but fear and trembling in his wake.


Fealltóir Máirtín I was raised in a seat of luxury, and took his father's place as Laird at a young age. He was a hungry and driven young man, with dreams of becoming the wealthiest Laird in the Kingdom. As soon as he inherited his father's title, he set about making this reality for himself by raising the rents expected of his people, and taking advantage of the cruelest punishments for those that could not pay up. Some have estimated that nearly half the Tenants beneath him had become Bond Servants in his personal service by the time King Slánaitheoir IV stepped in.

For his cruel treatment of the tenants on his lands, Fealltóir was stripped of his title and lands. Laird Breith Sadach was granted his place, while Fealltóir was offered a place as the royal gardener to The Slánaitheoir Royal Family. This position was a kindness, as it came with comfortable living arrangements in The Royal Palace of Éirigh, but Fealltóir took it as an insult to his person.

Over the following years, Fealltóir's hatred for King Slánaitheoir IV only grew stronger, and he began weaving a plan for his revenge. He started by becoming friendly with members of The Royal Guard, telling falsehoods of the injustice he had been dealt and gradually winning their loyalty away from the King in whispered conversations. Soon, various Nobles were added to his growing support, swayed by the promise of Lairdships should they assist him in his plans. When Fealltóir felt he had the support he needed, he attacked. Against all odds, his desperate grab for the throne was successful, leading to The First Great Dynastic Shift.

This takeover was one filled with more bloodshed than anyone could have predicted, but Fealltóir's ability to coerce people to his side and keep them there under threat allowed him to come out on top. By the time he made the decision to test the loyalty of The Court of Lairds, demanding from each of them one thing that would prove their undying loyalty to him regardless of the personal cost, the kingdom was so tired of this civil war that they didn't fight a single term.

Perhaps the most outlandish and cruel request King Máirtín I made in this period was his demand that Laird Breith Sadach give up his wife, the only known survivor of The Slánaitheoir Family, into Fealltóir's custody. It was expected that she would be put to death like the rest of her family, but the truth was much darker. (See: Lady Trua Sadach

In his years as King, however, Fealltóir found no rest. After the violence of his path to the crown, and due to his own mental instability to begin with, he grew only more paranoid as peace came to the kingdom. While the war had finally ended beyond the walls of The Palace, it was far from finished inside. He was known for wildly accusing subjects in his presence of treason on account of such small infractions as breaking eye contact, and immediately sentencing them to death. Eventually, the Palace was closed to all but his most trusted companions, and being summoned to his court was known to be a matter of life or (more likely) death.

After only 17 years on the throne, this level of paranoia and constant hyper vigilance took its toll. King Fealltóir Máirtín I became gravely ill in the year 1491, and by the winter of 1492, he was fading fast. As the year turned, his weakness overcame him, and the crown was passed to his son, King Máirtín II.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

For such a brutal man of war, Fealltóir is quite a feeble thing. He is not a tall man, nor a strong one, having grown up in leisure. You might compare him to the weasely snake-oil salesmen of our time, with sharp, beady little eyes, fingers itching for gold, and a mouth filled with empty promises you can't help but believe. His body is thin and gangly, and you would not expect him to have much strength in him, but in the heat of anger he is far more powerful than you might think. Due to his short stature (and a heavy touch of Napoleon complex), many of his attendants and subjects are forced to hunch themselves over so as not to appear taller than he is.

Identifying Characteristics

A hooked nose that is always crinkled, as if at a terrible smell.  Small, dark eyes that are constantly shifting about, like a scared rodent.  Look for the man that most resembles a fierce badger defending its hovel, but don't let him catch you staring, or you might just find your head on the chopping block.

Apparel & Accessories

He is known for the deep purple cloak of the crown, all fringed with lavish white or speckled furs. In addition to, of course, his jeweled crown, Máirtín I is known for bedecking himself in jewels and fineries more than any other King in the history of Éirigh, just to ensure that not a soul could doubt his status.

Personality Characteristics


Fealltóir's motivation in his dying years was so muddled, it's hard to tell if even he knew what they were. His only goal was to maintain his grip on the crown, even long after it was openly threatened. Because of this, his paranoia grew to such a height that he became almost animalistic, hunkering down and baring its teeth at the slightest hint of dissatisfaction.

In his earlier years, his motivation was to become the wealthiest Laird of the kingdom. When he was stripped of his title and lands, this quickly became a festering bloodlust toward The Slánaitheoir Royal Family. If he couldn't have his dream, he would aim for something higher. But once he achieved his goal, he found he was like a dog chasing wagons -- he had no idea what to do with the power once he had it. The last 17 years of his life were spent fearing he would lose what he had gained, leading to an air of fear permeating The Royal Palace of Éirigh that lingers on even now.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

King Máirtín I somehow manages to be the most charming person you would ever meet, much like a cult leader might be. His ability to sway people in his favor is unmatched, and by the time his true purposes are revealed, they are often too far in to back out. By the time the facade of charm has worn away, he has enough blackmail to ruin those he's won over. However, he is very shortsighted and reactive. His greatest ineptitude is a complete inability to plan for the distant future, and his decisions are mostly made in split second moments of rage or passion.


Family Ties

Husband to Queen Máirtín
Father to King Máirtín II


Fealltóir is a rather jumpy man, somewhat reminiscent of a wild hare always ready to spring away. Most of the time, you'll find him slouched in his throne, like a snake ready to strike, but he is prone to fits of rage or manic energy. If you are brought before King Máirtín I and find him pacing, beware.


When Fealltóir is put together, his voice is high, breathy, and filled with affectations. But when he loses his temper (which is more common than not), it drops to a low growl.


Queen Ainmhíoch Máirtín


Towards King Máirtín I


King Máirtín I


Towards Queen Ainmhíoch Máirtín


Wealth & Financial state

As the King, he has the wealth and power of the entire kingdom at his beck and call.

Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Laird (dismissed)
Royal Gardener (previous)
Currently Held Titles
57 (deceased)
Stormy blue and beady
Long, straight, black, and greasy
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sickly pale
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Fealltóir = FELL-tore; Máirtín = MAR-teen

Cover image: by Photo by Jaromír Kavan on Unsplash


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