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The Royal Palace of Éirigh


The Royal Castle of Éirigh is more than just the home of The Royal Family -- it is intended to be the center of politics and culture for the Kingdom. The court is the height of luxury and elegance, with enough room for foreign nobles, Lairds, Ladies, knights, and people of every class to gather. The halls of the Palace itself are filled with Nobility, protected by The Royal Guard, and sustained by The Royal Navy who call it home.

Surrounding the castle of the palace itself is The Royal City, the only major city of the kingdom. This metropolis is filled with the brightest minds and wealthiest nobles of the kingdom. Its outer rings hold those peasants unfortunate enough to find themselves with nowhere else to go, seeking shelter and protection at the edge of the Woods of Escaine.

Constructed during the reign of King Teilgeoir Slánaitheoir I, this fortress was a place of vibrant activity through generations of peace, until The First Great Dynastic Shift. In the time since, the palace has grown more secretive and stoic, haunted by the ghosts of untold stories waiting to spring forth.


The Royal City has continued to expand throughout the history of Éirigh, cutting further and further into the Woods of Escaine as it has grown. Few alterations have been made to the palace itself beyond maintenance, with the exception of King Máirtín I tearing down the once great Royal Theatre of Éirigh and replacing it with an immense arena reminiscent of gladiatorial times.


The palace is an immense, expansive structure of shimmering granite, proudly resting like the crown jewel in the center of Éirigh. Many of the accentuating architectural features are crafted from Crimson Pine wood, one of the most expensive and rare materials in the kingdom. Expanding outward into the surrounding structures and Royal City, most buildings are constructed of stone, wood, or a combination thereof.

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