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Woods of Escaine

Pronunciation: ess-CON-yeh


The Woods of Escaine are the oldest known living forest in the world, filled with tree trunks the width of small houses surrounded by thick underbrush. Due to their near mythological status in the area, this beautiful forest was chosen as the home of The King's Lands during the reign of King Teilgeoir Slánaitheoir I. Since then, the wood of these ancient trees has become a coveted commodity, rarely found outside of The Royal Palace of Éirigh or the central ring of The Royal City. The Woods of Escaine are protected by the King and The Royal Guard, and trees can only be harvested with direct permission from The Royal Family.

In the OUTSPOKEN trilogy, we are first introduced to the Woods of Escaine in the beginning of Book Two, when Lucian "Deordhan" Cathasach sees them for the first time.


The Woods of Escaine are comprised of Crimson Pine trees that have been growing for centuries. They create a stunning canopy speckled with patches of clear sky, perfuming the air with the rich, sharp scent of soil and pine. Among them is thick underbrush, bushes and blackcurrants interwoven with plentiful ivy. The way the sunlight plays through the greenery and the seemingly undying nature of the crimson pines has lead to many a myth and folktale of magic at work in this place, but in truth, it is simply a place of natural strength and beauty.


The heavy rainfall that constantly strikes the highlands that make up The Kingdom of Éirigh are vital for the survival of Escaine. While many were opposed to clearing the center of this great forest to make way for the Royal City, this action was actually necessary for the continued health of the forest, as it had grown too dense to continue supporting itself. Thinning the crop gave the land an opportunity to better sustain the forest, and it is now stronger than ever.


This forest has existed long beyond what human memory can recall, and will likely continue on long after. It is seen as a sacred site by many, a testament to the incredible power of nature. But beyond the natural forces of this place, there is political intrigue at play here as well.

When Prince Finnlay Slánaitheoir returned from his years in The Kingdom of Coimeádach, haunted by the memory of The Burning of Muintir, he sought a place to secretly gather his forces. After months of traveling between villages to avoid detection, he learned that King Máirtín I had withdrawn the Royal Guard from Escaine, preferring to keep them closer to the Royal Palace.

The True Prince spent weeks camping out in Escaine, keeping a wary eye out for any sign of falsehood in this report. Finally, satisfied at the accuracy of this news, he set about creating the perfect hideaway for The Order of the Green Cloak. Ever since, the core of his forces have lived with him in the core of hollowed out crimson pines, perfectly hidden right under the King's nose until they should be ready to strike.

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I love the idea of trees as thick as houses, and wood that can only be harvested with the direct permission of the royal family. The article was not clear at all on why was clearing part of the forest good for it, however. This sentence established it, but then there was no explanation as to why that was the case:

While many were opposed to clearing the center of this great forest to make way for The Royal City, this action was actually necessary for the continued health of the forest.
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