King Teilgeoir Slánaitheoir I

Pronunciation: TEH-leg-oor SLAN-ah-WHO-dge

(a.k.a. The Unitor King)


King Teilgeoir Slánaitheoir I was the first King of Éirigh, and was responsible for not only the creation of The Court of Lairds, but the founding of the kingdom itself. He was a man of the people, who clung to the family ideals that The Feudal Alliance System arose from. Even after becoming King, he maintained a close relationship to his Tenants, and would even don working clothes to take to the fields on occasion. He truly wanted to represent his people, and create a balance between the powerful Lairds of his own class, and the lowest classes of the kingdom.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

The wild look in his eyes when he latches onto a new idea. The weathered and calloused skin of a man used to working the land. A sudden, calming presence in the face of any challenge. Look for the man that would be as comfortable fighting off a wild boar with his bare hands as cradling a small child in them, and you're sure to find him.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Teilgeoir was born into a Laird's family, and raised with a solid education in order to take over his father's estate when he should come of age. His father instilled in him the ideals that would guide the rest of his life: that his tenants were family to him, and his job was to care for them as such. In his youth, he was known to stay behind on his father's visits to the various towns and villages on their lands to help work the fields, building his own strong relationships with his people.

When he was 18, he fell in love with the son of a tenant. Together, they bucked tradition, and eventually married with their parents' lackluster approval. A few years later, as his people were becoming more and more concerned with his ability to produce an heir, his husband's sister died suddenly in childbirth, and they adopted the baby as their own.

At the age of 30, Teilgeoir and the other Lairds of the No Man's Lands found themselves struggling to protect their lands from the advances of The Kingdom of Coimeádach and The Kingdom of Abhainn.

In the face of this losing fight, Teilgeoir made an unprecedented move that would change everything. He called on the other Lairds to meet together peacefully, and discuss the threat to their lands. This would one day be seen as the first gathering of the Court of Lairds, where The Great Alliance was born. At Teilgeoir's passionate urging, the Lairds united together as peaceful allies for the first time to defend their lands.

With their forces combined, the Lairds were successful, and the battle had brought them together as not only allies, but friends. Together, they decided that the Court of Lairds would remain allies for generations to come, and founded the The Kingdom of Éirigh in all its glory. A vote was taken, and Teilgeoir himself was selected as King of this fantastical new enterprise.

In his later years, King Teilgeoir Slánaitheoir I would go on to construct The Royal City, and spent much of his time ensuring that the lower classes of his new kingdom were treated with fairness and respect. He would go down in history as a man of peace and humility to his dying days.


Gay. Very, very gay.

Personality Characteristics


To give the people of his kingdom a voice, and maintain peaceful relations between the Court of Lairds.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Teilgeoir, like most of his family, was a natural leader. His charm and sincerity drew people in, and his ability to empathize with others made him perhaps the most trusted compatriot between the Lairds of the land. He was incredibly skilled at inspiring teamwork and a sense of community, navigating tempestuous political waters to find common ground. However, his positivity and passion could make him somewhat forgetful or overbearing at times, and he was lucky to have a resourceful husband  to keep him on track when his brilliant ideas started running off the rails.

Virtues & Personality perks

Teilgeoir clung tightly to the idea that a Laird was meant to act as a family connection to his tenants, and worked hard to instill that ideal into his fellows in the Court of Lairds. While this goal was never fully accomplished, his passion for defending the lower classes is what lead to his position as King. He maintained personal friendships with all the tenants on his own lands throughout his life, and insisted that the tenants needed a voice when the kingdom became its own political and governing entity.

Wealth & Financial state

Before becoming king, Teilgeoir was a Laird of middling status, living quite comfortably off his lands, but refusing to extort his people in order to live the lavish life of many modern Lairds. When the Court of Lairds elected him as their leader, he continued with his understated lifestyle, pouring his wealth into constructing what would become the Royal City as a way of giving back to his people.

Family Crest coming soon.

Quick Facts

Dark blue and hopeful
Long, brown, and sleek, with a neat beard to match
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White and tanned from his work in the fields
6' 3"
Aligned Organization
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