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The Royal Guard


  The Royal Guard exists to defend The Royal Family, protect The King's Lands, and ensure that the King's commands are carried out throughout the kingdom. While the attitude and presence of The Royal Guard is different for every King that has assumed the throne of Éirigh, their purpose remains the same. In war times, they are at the front lines, while the most senior members of their Order protect the members of The Royal Family. In times of peace, they continue to protect the Royal Family and ensure that The Royal Palace of Éirigh and The Royal City around it remain orderly.

Current State

  The Royal Guard currently serves The Máirtín Royal Family, but for reasons unknown they have not been dispatched to take down The New Order or assist the Allies of the Traitor King. The kingdom waits with bated breath for King Máirtín II to finally make a move.



There is no implicit number, but The Royal Guard usually consists of at least 500 men.


Broadsword, spear, longbow, and javelin are their primary weapons, but some members have been known to prefer shield and dagger or battle axe.


All members are highly skilled horsemen.


The entire Royal Guard is under the command of the King, who typically hands out his orders to the Captain. The Captain then allocates responsibilities throughout the rest of the knights, often selecting senior members as heads of various aspects of any movement. Often, a Knight will have a Squire, who works for the knight in exchange for training in battle skills and the etiquette of the noble classes.
The Captain acts as the King's Seneschal, in charge of training the knights and squires of The Royal Guard, maintaining protection over The Royal Palace of Éirigh and the Royal family at all times, and more. All of the Royal Guard reports directly to the Captain, and the King alone has the power to veto his commands.


Logistical Support

The Captain works with the Royal Head Ostler of The Royal Palace of Éirigh to ensure that there are enough horses and pack animals for any expedition they may be required to carry out, and the King has resources to provide for any major military actions.


The Royal Navy can be called to assist with any military actions that require support at sea.


A Knight can only join the Royal Guard through a heroic act of service to the crown, or by recommendation of an existing member. Barring in credible circumstance and the King's personal approval, every new recruit must serve as Squire to one of the members of The Royal Guard until they have demonstrated mastery of weaponry, etiquette, and strategy, and have been approved by the Knight they are pledged to.


In the time of peace throughout the rule of The Slánaitheoir Royal Family, the Royal Guard was known for their grace and mercy. While they were more than capable of swift, conclusive action when necessary, they preferred to use their words over their steel, like their King.
However, at the changing of the guards after The First Great Dynastic Shift, they became a much more secretive and brutal force. They are highly feared, but rarely seen beyond the Palace walls.

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