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  The Captain of The Royal Guard , or Royal Seneschal, is the head of all military affairs in the Kingdom of Éirigh. They are one of the most powerful people in the kingdom, and the most trusted right hand of the King.


They must be not only the most trusted person of the King's inner ring, but the most elite and skilled Knight in the kingdom, able to both act as the King's head of strategy in wartime and carry out all his orders and decrees. There has never been a Captain younger than 30 years old, and they have usually been a Knight of The Royal Guard from a very young age. Above all, they must be unwaveringly loyal to their King.


Every King selects his own Captain, much like a Laird chooses his Seneschal.


To act as the King's right hand, and be his voice, his keeper of the peace, and his hand of judgement to the people when necessary.


Head of military strategy, maintaining the training of The Royal Guard, head of state in wartime, and anything else the King may request.


A lifetime of comfort with the King as your sponsor, and recognition as not only a Noble, but one of the most powerful people in the kingdom.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Most Captains will serve their King for life. The only dishonorable dismissal in the history of Éirigh was the execution of Sir Éalaigh Casey that followed The First Great Dynastic Shift.


The rank of Captain naturally evolved from that of a Seneschal shortly after the founding of the kingdom, when it became necessary for a distinction to be made between the Seneschal of a Laird and that of the King.

Notable Holders

Quick Facts

Nobility, Military
In Effect
Form of Address
Alternative Naming
Royal Seneschal
Equates to
The Seneschal of a Laird
Source of Authority
The King
Length of Term
Lifetime, or until dismissed
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Military Formations

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