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The Commander is the head officer of The Royal Navy. They are selected by the King, and typically serve this office until death or retirement. Due to the fairly isolated and insular nature of the Kingdom of Éirigh, the Navy is a fairly small force, primarily tasked with protecting a few trade shipments each year along the Teorainn River. In light of this, the Commander leads a fairly easy life, mainly ensuring that their men are prepared for any incidents that may occur between charters.


Proven skill as a sailor, soldier, and leader, as well as unwavering loyalty to the King. The Commander must have the faith of their men before being granted this position, as they are typically selected based on recommendations from commanding officers in The Royal Navy.


While there is no official minimum age, it is rare for anyone below the age of 30 to achieve this rank, and they must have served at least 10 years consecutively in The Royal Navy. A Commander must also be respected and recommended by his men, and willing to pledge his undying allegiance to the King of Éirigh.


Either following the death or leading up to the retirement of the previous Commander, the King interviews the leaders among the rank and file for recommendations. Those with the highest recommendations are then interviewed by the King, the Royal Clerk, and the Captain. Based on these interactions, and occasionally following a series of tests (either of skill or loyalty), the King will select his new Commander. Should the previous Commander still be living, the selection will assist them until their retirement for a smooth transition of power.


To represent the Kingdom in any foreign disputes that may arise along the trade routes.


To maintain the training and orderliness of The Royal Navy, and work with the Royal Clerk to ensure that all trade ships are properly protected. The most important responsibility of the Commander is to accompany and protect The Royal Family on any voyages they may take to foreign dignitaries.


The job of a Commander is a rather easy one, as Éirigh has very few connections overseas. Outside of minimal trade along the Teorainn River, the occasional Royal sojourn to the dignitaries of The Kingdom of Abhainn or The Kingdom of Coimeádach, and keeping the small force of The Royal Navy ready for action, the Commander is free to do what they please with their time. They live a comfortable life sponsored by the King, and are often rather charming and free spirited folx that enjoy nothing more than the salty sea air blowing in their face.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

It is rare for a Commander to be dismissed for any reason other than retirement. However, failure to keep the Navy in order, or to properly protect the shipments or Nobles under their charge can be grounds for immediate dismissal by the King.

Quick Facts

Nobility, Military
In Effect
Form of Address
Sir; Captain
Equates to
Source of Authority
The King of Éirigh
Length of Term
Lifetime, or until removal
Reports directly to
Related Locations
Related Organizations
Related Military Formations

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