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  A Clerk is tasked with the running and maintenance of a Laird's household, much like a head butler here on Earth. They are one of the most trusted staff members or servants in a Laird's castle, and must be skilled in social niceties, business, and organization in order to keep his castle running smoothly.


They must be trusted by their Laird above all but the Seneschal, as well skillful both with navigating the egos of Lairds and Noble guests, and maintaining the castle. A Clerk typically manages the wealth of their Laird, handling all charters for goods, payments to staff, and more. Because of this, they must be skilled in mathematics and business, and usually come from a higher upbringing than most staff members of the castle, but there is no formal requirement for their training. Most Clerks have been raised in the service of their Laird, and are selected based on the recommendation of the Clerk that preceded them.


Skill in business, mathematics, organization, and social etiquette.


A Clerk is selected by their Laird, usually upon recommendation from the previous Clerk of the castle. If the previous Clerk has been dismissed in disgrace, the Laird will often choose their next Clerk by interviewing their senior staff members and servants for recommendations.


They must keep the castle of their Laird running seamlessly at all times.


Day-to-day management of their Laird's estate, from scheduling the servants and staff or ensuring new hires are properly trained, to managing the Laird's financial records, and even running the Laird's business, if he has one.


A life of comfort under the safety and security of their Laird. As one of the most trusted and respected members of a Laird's household, the Clerk is well cared for.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Most Clerks will serve their Laird and his family until their death or retirement. In the rare instances that a Clerk is dismissed in disgrace, their Laird will hold a hearing in the presence of the entire household stating the reasons for their dismissal. These reasons may include anything from a breech of trust to fraud, or simply failure to fulfill their duties. A disgraced Clerk will most likely be banished from their Laird's lands, and live as a nomad until they can find a place as a Tenant on the lands of another Laird. It is incredibly uncommon for a disgraced Clerk to find employment in another Laird's household.


Clerks exist in many kingdoms, and predate the founding of Éirigh by longer than anyone can remember, much like a Laird, Knight, or Tenant.

Quick Facts

Nobility, Household
In Effect
Source of Authority
Their Laird
Length of Term
Lifetime, or until dismissal
Reports directly to

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